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Sincerely, A Slave by Alexander Kelly

Alexander Kelly, author of Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch, Allow Me to Serve and most recently, The Training brings us a hot, new release with Sincerely, A Slave.
All Sloane wanted was peace and quiet, a way to forget about her divorce. When her friend Maribeth offered Sloane the job of lone caretaker at her Bed and Breakfast it seemed like a perfect fit. But reservation mix ups do occur and Sloane suddenly finds herself playing host to Ryan, an unexpected visitor. That he was handsome was a plus, but the SM equipment Sloane discovered in his baggage was something she hadn’t counted on. Of course, Sloane had heard about SM, but what she didn’t count on was her growing fascination with leather. And when Ryan finds Sloane trying on wrist cuffs and neck collars he obliges her with the full on SM treatment.
At least that’s how everything appears on the surface. Other forces are at work, conspiring for Sloane and Ryan to get together. Also, Sloane and Ryan both harbor secrets that they don’t even admit to themselves, secrets about Sloane’s real reason for her divorce, and Ryan’s near crippling guilt over the death of his slave wife. How can either deal with the other’s secret when they can’t even deal with their own? This story contains bondage, heavy leather scenes, ponygirls, SM ritualization, male-female, female-female action and a massive slave hunt.

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The quick, frenzied crunch of leaves disturbed the peace of the dark forest. A sliver of moonbeam cut through the dense canopy and, like a panicked deer, she ran, barely pausing in her strap on high heels to avoid a solid tree or protruding root. Legs free to run, yet her arms remained tied tight behind her. They had liked that, those who had transported her to this isolated place. They were amazed at her pliability, how she seemed such a natural. And once the last rope was placed, just so, and the last knot tied, they liked her even more. Her breasts, generous mounds just ripe for fondling, strained out in her black, lacy bra. And the rope they wound about her waist, brought down in back and up in front through her crotch over her black panties just made teasing her even more fun. They couldn?t decide which was better to play with, the tits or the pussy. As for her mouth? Well, they left it empty and she screamed for help, hurled insults at them until her throat was raw. Then they plugged her mouth with a ball gag and there it remained, those parted, full, luscious red lips truly a sight to behold. The ropes and the ball gag stood out against her pale skin and deep red, long hair, an unintended lure on her part to come closer, to allow their rough and meaty, and in some cases soft and tender, hands to roam at will across her quivering thighs and heart-shaped ass. Sharp nails from a woman had reached down inside the panties, around the crotch rope and pinched her tender pussy lips, then diddled with her clit. A moan escaped from around the ball gag, and she nearly collapsed in the sudden onslaught of intense sensation. The woman and the others gently giggled, as if their victim were in on some kind of joke. But then they pulled the crotch rope up tighter and anchored a vibrator to it at stomach level. No one laughed then. They stood back while the vibrator?s incessant rhythms shot down the crotch rope into her pussy. Her legs shook and she fell to her knees, then toppled on her side. She screamed again, but this time into the gag. She flopped around on the floor, an orgasm so intense that she nearly passed out. Finally, finally they turned off the vibrator and left her alone. People got their coats and made soft comments like she would only get better, now that she was under permanent lock and key.Lock and key; that phrase if nothing else had brought her back around, along with the cool night air that drafted over her hot, sweaty skin. As people departed the cabin door opened and shut, then at one point remained carelessly open. No one had thought that she was still awake, that she still had use of her legs. Distant voices outside laughed, wished each other good night. An envious voice or two said good luck to the one who would stay with her that night. Car doors opened, then closed. Engines started up. Slowly, she gathered her legs underneath her, wobbled into a crouch, then sprang through the door. In a mad dash she made for the nearest line of trees and plunged into the concealing darkness. Now, as she ran through the forest she had no idea where to go, only that there had to be a road nearby and that she had to find it.She propped up against a tree, rough bark on a smooth shoulder. Deep breaths coursed in and out through her nose. She hadn?t dashed so far or so fast in a long time and it showed. Already tired, but determined to give them a run for their money, she lurched off again as cries of people calling her name with exclamations of ?This way!? drew ever closer. No, they weren?t going to catch her! At least not until…And then there it was. The road! At the top of an embankment. Headlights from a couple of passing cars shone against thick tree trunks. She could make it! Climb. Climb!The leaves were too slick under her shoes. No traction! And the fact she wore high heels didn?t help either. And she couldn?t even use her arms! Still, she tried, legs sliding out from underneath without any progress like some crazy cartoon character. Voices behind her. Getting closer! Was she nearing the top? Yes, definitely closer. Hurry! The voices! Just get to the road and -Down she went. Her legs slid out and she fell face first in a huge pile of leaves. Dirt and muck covered her face, breasts and stomach. Leaves clung to her wild hair, obscured her vision. Little panicked breaths now. Get up there! Move those legs. Her feet slid out again but this time she only went down to her knees. She kept moving in something between a walk and a crawl. Nearly there!She flopped across a steel guard rail. Cold metal pressed into her stomach as she tried to catch her breath. But this wasn?t enough. Sure, she had made it to the road, but now she had to somehow stop a car. But the guard rail was set back from the road, so that a car?s headlights wouldn?t necessarily shine directly on her. One car drove by. Then another. No! Come back! Then came the voices again, below now but nearer, and they carried flashlights, hot on her trail. No, they weren?t going to catch her that easily! At least, not yet. A superhuman heave and she rolled herself over the rail, onto her roped arms, then struggled to her knees. Just in time too. Here came another car! She had to get this one. First one leg straightened out, then another and she staggered to the middle of the road. No way was it going to miss seeing her. It didn?t. The headlights bathed her in brilliant light and she squinted her eyes against the glare. The car, a Humvee, slowed down. Stopped. The engine cut out and the driver slowly emerged. His booted, heavy tread distinctly spoke of a large male. He came around and stood silhouetted in the lights. Oh, god, no! She knew that shape!?I really didn?t feel like chasing you through the woods tonight,? he said. ?Don?t get me wrong, it?s a turn on, especially for the others.” He nodded to the sound of her pursuers. ?But I wanted to save my energy for something else.?She screamed into her gag again, turned and fled down the road. Soon the Humvee overtook and passed her. It swung around and forced her back in the other direction. She ran in front, glancing back at the bright lights, at the sound of the engine as he gunned it to come closer, then back off. So he toyed with her, like a cat with a mouse.Eventually, heart pounding, covered in dirty sweat, she collapsed to the ground, her knees on either side of the double yellow line. Maybe another car would come by, maybe… But she knew it wasn?t going to happen. The way he casually got out of the humvee and arrogantly sauntered over told her that no one else was coming down this road. Not tonight. Not ever.?Now, that was hot,? he said. ?Chasing down some pussy like that was fun.” He lifted her up, dragged her back to the vehicle and pushed her up against the wide front grill. Dimly, she realized they weren?t far from the spot where he had found her, while acutely she saw the knife flash out, then dive toward her crotch. Her eyes widened, a mucked up, dirty little frightened animal that at last was caught. The knife cut the crotch rope and soon the panties were torn away. The bra fell off in tatters. He spread her legs, lifted her up, then down on his exposed, erect cock. He raped her right there in the road, not caring if anyone drove by. She groaned as he speared her, grunted under his powerful thrusts, bent her head back on the hood to gaze at the stars. And then she came again. Not like before, quick and soon over, but now with a more passionate build up, one that she couldn?t control, nor did she want to. Her legs wrapped his thin waist and tight ass. Her hips bucked against his. He laughed softly in her ear, brushed away a leaf or two in her matted hair, and still kept on pounding even when the others finally caught up with them, watched as the rape climaxed in its inevitable conclusion. He shot into her like a demon possessed, the thrill of the chase only adding to his manly explosion. His hot cum filled her. And finally, when he withdrew, she slumped down to the bumper, sore legs still spread wide, her pussy lips engorged.Others took her that night too. Right there against the humvee. One used his cock, others used their fists. One woman turned her around and shoved a dildo up her ass which went in just as easily as the cocks and fists up her slick pussy. And still, no other cars drove by.At last, the heat of their collective passions was replaced by the chill of the night. The chase was over; they had captured and had their way with the prey. But, in a final show of arrogance, her initial rapist tied her to the front of the humvee, facing outward, legs and arms spread, pussy wide open. They all gathered around her, posed for a group photo. Some also wanted a snapshot just with themselves next to her, a personal memento. Then she was driven back to the cabin still tied to the front of the humvee, like she was a prized doe, strapped to the vehicle as a trophy by the macho hunter. A few others followed him back, and they tied her to the bed. He promised to have her ready for the next go round, but she would be hobbled from now on, a short rope between the ankles to prevent any more attempts at a runaway. Some expressed disappoint, they thought that little spur-of-the-moment chase had been fun, but they also understood. She needed some boundaries set, and he was just the man to do it.At last they left, and it was just the two of them, just as it had started all that long time ago on that fateful first date. They had spent so long talking to each other on the phone before they met. She understandably nervous, he calm and reassuring. And now, as she lay tied spread-eagle in a remote cabin somewhere in the woods, she knew that this wasn?t any short-lived game. She was his slave. She couldn?t change it nor did she want to.


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