Sister Wife



Sister Wife by Imelda Stark 

Welcome to the arcane world of Mormon Fundamentalism, where each man is entitled to multiple submissive wives to be enjoyed entirely at his discretion in whatever manner he chooses.  It is a world where women are also subjected to strict discipline enforced by corporal punishment, administered to that bodyt part their Lord designed so perfectly to receive chastisement. 

Our hero Jason is a large and handsome young man who is driven out of the Cult’s desert Compound and forced to survive by his wits in the Gentile world of Salt Lake City. There he discovers talents with computers and poker that eventually make him quite wealthy.  He also forages online, seeking women interested in the kind of sex he seems to need. His seductress must endure a sound spanking before he gives her amazing sexual pleasure. A tall and lovely older woman becomes his lover and helps him to realize his dream of becoming a skilled Dom. Then later, he returns to his Father’s ranch, which he inherits following an accident. He’s assigned a lovely young second wife by the Patriarch, who turns out to enjoy painful pleasures just as much as her senior wife. Much randy fun ensues! 

This book has Maledom, a little Femdom, a lot of Femsub, much spanking and breast play, along with some pussy punishment.

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