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Sonoran Wanderlust by K. S. Geary

Arizona’s Sonoran Desert — a place both harsh and uniquely romantic — draws a cast of characters from near and far to its cactus-studded cliffs and sun-washed canyons in pursuit of adventure, love, and lust.

Violet, a free-spirited magazine writer from Los Angeles, travels to the Sonoran Desert to cover a movie filming on location. A brief hookup with the film’s publicist is all fun and games, but her interest in Kyle, a local photographer shooting stills for the movie, is more serious. When events back home leave Violet adrift, she finds respite at the L-J Bar guest ranch. Kyle, however, is never far from her thoughts, nor from her hopes for the future.

Also heading for the ranch are Justin, a playboy drifter from England, and Isabel, a restless woman 12 years his junior. Their chance encounter in a tiny Northern California town sparks a whirlwind romance and an impulsive road trip to the Sonoran Desert. Along the way, the pair indulge Isabel’s burgeoning sexual appetites, even as Justin realizes he’s ready to settle down. Can their opposing trajectories allow a future together? The pair end up at the guest ranch where Violet has alighted, and ranch owner Bridget helps them find a way forward.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, three photography students find their relationships pushed in new directions when their backpacking trip turns perilous. Marc secretly pines for Jada, who’s been dating his best friend, Tony, for years. When Marc and Jada are thrown together in a stressful situation that could cost Marc his life, hidden feelings are forced to the surface. Confessions abound and relationships shift as love and lust take over the trio’s desert trek.

Everyone winds up at the guest ranch, where the Sonoran’s siren call leaves its mark on them all.

Includes exhibitionism, anal sex, group sex, menage a trois, and girl-on-girl sex, much of it in the great outdoors.

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An excerpt from K. S. Geary’s Sonoran Wanderlust:


The moment she slipped out of her dress, shucked her shoes and Wayfarers, and climbed up onto the promontory, Violet felt herself come alive in a new and unexpected way. Completely nude, she settled on her rocky roost and turned to face Kyle. Sunlight and wind caressed her body in places unaccustomed to their touch. Her pale breasts gleamed, her nipples tingled, her pussy grew wet. She was discovering for the first time in her life what it was like to be entirely naked outdoors. She was nervous and self-conscious at first, especially with Kyle looking on; she had anticipated that. What she hadn’t expected was to feel those emotions fade so quickly, pushed aside by a pure thrill.

Kyle was taking pictures. Lots of pictures. “How are you doing? All good?” he called out.

“Mm-hmm. Feeling great, actually.” The fact that he, too, was a bit nervous made Violet bolder. She adopted a more salacious pose, lifting a hand to her forehead and arching her back so her breasts jutted toward the sky.

“Awesome.” Kyle watched her through the viewfinder as he snapped away. He moved the camera a few feet to the left and took several more shots, both horizontal and vertical. He moved the camera again and kept shooting. He was finding his footing, just as Violet was feeling more at ease —and more aroused — with every minute that passed.

“Can you lay your stomach?” he asked, repositioning himself once more to change the background and alter the sight lines. “Or is that granite surface too rough?”

“No problem.” Violet turned onto her belly and lifted her hips slightly to give her butt a nice upward arch. Her knees were well separated, and she knew the lips of her sex were visible to Kyle.

“Uh. Yeah. That’s fantastic.” Violet heard a quiver in Kyle’s voice. “Yep, perfect. Just hold that…”

He moved about, changing angles and shooting dozens of exposures. “I knew it would be hot out here, but you’ve raised the temperature about a thousand degrees.”

Violet laughed and felt in that moment a tacit acknowledgment between them that the shoot’s direction had altered subtly.

She adopted other poses, some on her own and some at Kyle’s direction. Time sped by. Finally Kyle said, “All right, Great work! Let’s move over to that saguaro.”

He brought her shoes to her as she hopped down from the ledge. She slipped them on and walked alongside Kyle to the new area. Staying nude for a couple hours in the great outdoors was, she thought, surprisingly easy. Kyle treated her with respect and a sense of normalcy, as if people walked around naked outside all the time.

On the other hand, it was true that she’d managed to get him worked up to a certain extent. She welcomed that reaction. Baring her all was worth it, not just for the cool images they were creating together, but for the way the experience was making them both feel.

Kyle set up his tripod about 15 feet from the saguaro. In the distance, the shadowy Santa Catalina range formed a multi-layered horizon. Violet approached the stately cactus and took a position beside it. Tall and robust, with several arms raised toward the sky, the saguaro was practically begging to be photographed. Adding her feminine form to the image, Violet realized, would create a nice contrast between smooth and prickly, soft and sharp. Taking inspiration from the giant succulent, she raised her arms skyward, with a bend at one elbow. She tilted her face upward and closed her eyes.

“Nice,” Kyle said, peering at Violet through his camera. She heard the camera click, then several more clicks as he tried different settings. He directed her through additional poses, capturing each one in different ways.

Violet asked, “Can I see one of the pictures?”

“Of course!” Kyle replied. “Come on over.”

She hurried to his side and stood close as he turned the back of the camera toward her. The last image he’d captured was there on the screen. Violet, resplendent in her sun-washed skin, looked like some sort of fantasy figure in the Sonoran landscape. An Aphrodite of the desert.

“I love it!” she said. Impulsively, she stood on her toes and kissed Kyle’s cheek before quickly taking her place beside the saguaro once more.

As he captured her body in megapixels, Violet continued to feel as though she were being propelled along on a rising tide of eroticism, and she chose her poses accordingly, positioning herself more boldly than ever. She wanted his lens to see — wanted him to see — every detail of her physique, no matter how private. She stopped short of simply sitting back and spreading her legs; there were better ways to pose that would be nearly as explicit and more enticing.

She checked that the ground about her was clear of thorny stuff, then got down on all-fours in the dirt and posed like a lioness. She remembered how the women in his sample pictures avoided playing to the camera. They all conveyed a confident and carefree attitude. Most of the pictures struck a balance between artful nudity and potent eroticism, although some strayed into the latter category. Violet decided she had no problem going that far.

She gazed off into the distance and tried different variations of a crawling pose — shoulders and head lowered, back end high; shoulders up; knees together, then one pulled forward and the other back. When she angled her body away from Kyle, she knew he was getting a good view of her ass and her most secret bits from behind. She heard him clicking away with his camera and wondered how much longer she could withstand the fever-pitch of her arousal.

Something made her look back at Kyle. He wasn’t taking pictures anymore. It was impossible not to notice the pronounced bulge in the front of his shorts.

“Um,” he said.


“I’m sorry. I think I need a short break.”

Violet got to her feet. The sun, deepening to burnt sienna as it approached the horizon through layers of desert dust and distant Tucson smog, gave her skin a beguiling glow. She approached Kyle. When she stood very close, her nipples just brushing his shirt, she tilted her face up to his and kissed him full on the lips. He responded at once with a hunger that matched hers. She traced her finger along his jaw and looked deeply into his eyes. “I’d love to see you get naked, too,” she said softly, dropping her hand to the outline of his erection.

Kyle’s hands went to her waist as she unbuttoned his shorts. When she got them open she reached in and stroked him with an eager touch. His breath quickened and his hands slid lower on her body, gliding over her bare skin to the warm swells of her ass. Violet tugged his shorts down to his knees, and his cock, tall and thick, sprang free. As her fingers curled around it, he squeezed her buttocks and they kissed again, fiercely this time.

Violet wanted badly to taste his penis, to take it fully into her mouth and taste the pulsing skin. She dropped to a squat and lowered her lips to his crown, which bore a drop of pre-come at the tip. Violet cleaned it off with a flick of her tongue. “Mm,” she murmured, the sound coming from deep in her throat. Kyle stared down at her, his hands in her hair, and trembled a little. She engulfed him completely then, wrapping her lips around his length and sucking excitedly as she rocked on her haunches. Kyle moaned and flexed into her mouth. Violet felt the strength of his arousal in the throbs of his cock against her tongue; she knew he was already close.

Suddenly he tensed in a new way, which made her look up at his face. His eyes were wide and he was staring off into the desert.

“Shh — do you hear that?”

She listened.

Cloppety-clop, cloppety-clop. Two horseback riders were coming up the trail, single-file.

They had lost their element of privacy when they left the boulders to shoot by the saguaro. Now they had only seconds before the horseback riders would spot them.

“Kyle!” Violet gasped, feeling a strange mixture of alarm and hilarity at the situation.

He pointed back to where her dress lay on the ground and whispered, “Hurry!”


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