Stained Sheets


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Stained Sheets by Lizbeth Dusseau

Pictures don’t lie! As Carlton Darrow sifts through dozens of photographs of his beautiful but cheating wife, Marni, he turns to his PI friend Charlie Nash, making a bold announcement. He wants Charlie – a Dom with a nasty sadistic streak – to transform his wife into the perfect submissive. What neither man realizes is that Marni is driven by a lust for dark and dangerous sex that began at eighteen, when she was kidnapped in a foreign country and brutally assaulted before her ransom could be paid. Charlie’s task may be harder than he expects!
As soon as Marni meets the ever-charming Charlie, she falls under his charismatic spell, finding herself eagerly submitting to the outrageous acts he demands. The mesmerized Marni follows this sexy stranger into an alley where he has her strip naked and fucks her against an open stairwell. Afterwards, she’s led half-dressed to his car, and rides through town naked and masturbating on his command. She may be ashamed by her bad behavior, but she cannot stop herself.
In the days that follow, Charlie pops up out of nowhere, engaging the willing Marni in semi-public sex, nudity, spanking, bondage, punishment and finally a trip to Percy’s SM Dungeon where suddenly, without warning, Carlton appears announcing that she now belongs to Charlie Nash. If she wants her marriage back, she’ll become a proper submissive wife under Charlie’s relentless instruction. But the story is much more complicated than that!
Or will Carlton and Charlie decide that there is no way the incorrigible slut can be redeemed?
A passionate story of love, sex and treacherous sexual need. Its graphic content also includes piercing, coercion, electrical play and hard anal.


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