Strange Flesh



Strange Flesh by Kevin Breslin
And Erotic Thriller. Dr Ian Bell has everything he has ever wanted, a beautiful wife, tenure at Cambridge University, a fledgling career as a TV personality and the respect and esteem of his peers. He is defined by his conservative worldview and his deeply held religious beliefs.
His self-image is challenged irreparably on a holiday in Croatia when, after a chance encounter with an enigmatic couple, he is cuckolded by another man. The incident has such a profound an effect on him that when he returns to his middle-class suburban life, he has an overwhelming desire to repeat the experience.
With his wife Jackie, they set off on a voyage of sexual exploration, which empowers her and leads her to achieve greatness in her personal life. For Ian however, the humiliation triggers the long-forgotten pain of growing up in a working-class estate in Grimsby.
As the visceral sexual encounters intensify, the memories get stronger. There emerges a parallel with his experiences as a cuckold, and unresolved guilt and shame from his past. A terrible secret begins to resurface; first in nightmares but soon after as fragments of a forgotten memory.
The need to experience humiliation intensifies, the anger he has managed to keep hidden under a fa硤e of erudite intellectualism resurfaces and bit by bit, his world begins to crumble. It’s only when he finally loses everything that he can face the horrific reality of what he did all those years ago.
Includes: Female domination, male submission, cuckold, slutwife, hotwife, cuck, voyeur, threesome, shared wife, thriller, mystery, murder, secret

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