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Subjugated Women Book Package



Subjugated Women Book Package by Lizbeth Dusseau
They live in circumstances beyond their control. Subjugated by men they barely know, these modern women are ripped from their normal lives to become the sexual playthings of men. They’ll be tamed, trained, disciplined and punished ” all in pursuit of unbridled sexual passion ” not only in the men who own them, but in themselves as well.
You’ll Answer to Me – Alexa’s been on the run for years since fleeing a murder rap. She finds sanctuary with winery owner Warren Tatum, trading sexual favors for his silence. When Tatum dies five years in, she’s finally free. But later, she’s lured back to the beautiful valley by Tatum’s son ” who not only intends enforce his father’s agreement, but take the much older Alexa as his slave.
The Abduction of Veronica X – Once abducted, the girl arrives at a secluded cottage in a burlap sack, where she’s kept naked, blindfolded and bound in the cellar, then systematically trained to enjoy physical pleasure ” even when it’s frightening and brutal. She’s the victim of the Writer’s Club, a band of hedonists, who intend to do with her what they will.
Depravity’s Child – The beautiful Antonia suddenly finds herself married off to the handsome stranger Rupert Reyes. She’s expected to become a dutiful and submissive wife. In order to please him, however, she’ll suffer ruthless anal training and be given to other men in order to make her ready for Rupert’s enormous cock.
Bounty Hunter – Logan Dunn thrives in an underground society where rich men claim young females willing to trade their desperation and their freedom for seemingly safer lives as sexual submissives. When they finally bolt that life, it’s Logan’s job to hunt them down. His latest bounty, Jillian Ingalls, will be his greatest challenge.
The Girl Next Door by – Sexy 18 year old Randi is starring in soft-core porn, which seems easy enough, until her co-star Joey starts slapping her around. Soon, she’s crawling like a slave, suffering blistering spankings, brutal torment and anal sex. She turns to her next door neighbor Mike, who will find ways to punish her bad behavior. But can he save her from herself?

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