Sunny: The Story of a Slave – ebook


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Sunny: The Story of a Slave By M. Daniel

It’s been Sunny’s lifelong dream to be a slave, more specifically to become the property of Master Austin and his assistant Mistress Mickey. The path isn’t an easy one. To achieve her dream, she will undergo brutal training beginning day one until she is totally broken to become the perfect slave. As she is subjected to this extreme domination, she will learn to accept Master and Mistress’s firm control over every aspect of her life.

Sunny is no longer free to make her own choices. She can’t even go to the bathroom without asking permission. She performs rigorous housework nonstop from the time she gets up in the morning until she is put to bed at night. And of course, she is used for sex any time her Master or Mistress desires. She is spanked, paddled, strapped tortured with everything from battery powered devices to suspension bondage. What she endures is all part of her training, and the for the pleasure of her owners who watch their sadistic desires play out on Sunny’s beautiful black body. Her daily life is totally at their mercy, although neither of them shows her any mercy at all. And yet, in the midst of her hard life, there mutual, undying love. This is, after all, Sunny’s lifelong dream.

Sunny will This BDSM tale includes M/f , F/f, Master, Mistress, romance, multiracial, belt, paddle, birch rod, spanking, suspension, dildo, strap-on, verbal abuse, humiliation, electric shock, plugs, clamps, hetero and lesbian sex.

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