Super Submission



Super Submission, by Daphne Chennault
For nine years Daphne Atlas has defended the world against Alpha Man and his Battalion of Evil. As the superhero Artemis the Strong, she and her fellow Olympians have always triumphed. But those days are past, for Alpha Man has threatened the world with nuclear blackmail, and he has won!
Faced with imminent death, Artemis prostrates herself before Alpha Man, the new Emperor of Earth. Promising complete loyalty and total obedience in exchange for life for her fellow heroes, Daphne tempts him with herself. Just as Alpha Man planned all along!
So begins a dark odyssey through the twisted desires of the super-villain’s appetites. Even as Daphne sheds her spandex uniform for a corset and silk-mesh nightgown, she realizes that she has sacrificed more than just her liberty. Stripped first of her powers, and then her dignity, Daphne watches helplessly as the entire world is reshaped into a global empire bent on conquering the stars. From her kneeling position beside the Emperor’s throne in the former United Nations building, Daphne finds herself demoted from hero to concubine.
“My dreams are haunted by the powerful man who bent me to his will and flayed my body with his whips. I wake up cringing from the pain, and yet longing for it all the same. Simply to smell creamy leather almost makes me swoon, and I long for the feel of strong hands on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees”.He was my oppressor, and yet he was my master; he was evil, yet he is hailed as a great leader.”
And this is just the beginning!
An SM fantasy which includes spanking, whips, maledom, bondage, gags, imprisonment, chains, cuffs, collars, corsets, concubinage, pads, slavery, and scenes of both hetero and lesbian intimacy.

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