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Sweet & Sour



Sweet & Sour by Peter Moon
Five Hot & Sexy Femdom Stories. Hand-smacking, leather sole-slapping, cane-cracking, whip-whistling: the wicked, wayward women in these stories dish it all out and more as the men they encounter submit to their demands. Defy them at your peril! In Whipping Up A Storm, an impoverished actor finds a new role for himself under his girlfriend’s whip. Then, a wife realises how to cultivate, train and discipline her husband, into The Obedient Husband. But does she go too far? And in Mrs Pascoe’s Knee, a mysterious older woman captivates a helpless admirer. Then it’s Sweet and Sour, as a young wife shocks her husband when she reveals an unconventional plan to earn them money. What can a girl straight out of the Jane Austen school of etiquette possibly know about making sex videos? Quite a bit, he soon finds out. Finally, in See Me! Holly is surrounded by men craving her dominance in one form or another. But darkness and danger are only a phone call away.

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Cover Art Pindyurin Vasily –

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