Switch V: The PosASSion of Felicia Guthrie – ebook


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Switch V: The PosASSion of Felicia Guthrie by Ardie Stallard

Spanking Erotica. Felicia Culbertson Guthrie, now a professional mental health counselor and spanking therapist in addition to being a dyed-in-the-wool spanking switch, is convinced that her relationship with her husband Joe contains an element of magic. Now, though, she enters a world of magic and spell casting she never expected to experience. While Joe is away from home on a business trip she goes to get a tattoo of his name on her backside. However, the tattoo artist, a substitute for the regulars working in the shop, falls in love—or lust—with her and casts a spell on her marked behind in an effort to make her leave Joe and their baby and become his slave girl. Worse yet, she finds out that the spell is intended to have an affect Joe, too. As far away as he is, according to the spell-casting tattooist, Joe will become irresistible to submissives and stands a good chance of collecting a veritable harem of them to help him take care of his young son and replace Felicia in his heart and in his bed. Joe doesn’t believe in magic. But if our lovers were never in hot water before they certainly are now! This story takes the reader through Memphis, West Memphis and Las Vegas, revisiting a bunch of earlier adventures and the characters they’ve met and interacted with – but to what end?

This book may be read alone, or as part of the Switch series.

Expect plenty of sizzling hot spanked behinds in this tale of naughtiness, discipline, punishment, pain and pleasure. M/f, F/f, brief F/m spanking with hairbrush, paddle and cane, plus D/s, chastity, marking and magic.

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