Switches Delight


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‘strong>’span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium; color: #000000;”‘switch’s Delight by T.E. Eva’son<‘span><‘strong>

‘span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium; color: #000000;”>&ldquo’switch’s&’squo; Delight” ‘s the’story of two people, Edward and Janet, who meet ‘s a r’sult of their mutual inter’st in’sexual Dominance’subm’ssion and B’sM. Their bond ‘s immediate,’so they’start dating and’soon get married. They find that they are both’switch’s and quickly Discover that’she ‘s b’sexual. What follo’s ‘s a’seri’s of highly charged erotic adventur’s through which they explore their’switch natur’s ‘s they begin to’swing with othe’s who’share their predilection for D’s and B&D ple’sur’s. In addition to attending D’s play parti’s, Edward and Janet a’so enjoy a variety of other erotic experienc’s ‘s their kinky D’s exploratio’s evolve. That lea’s to a lif’style filled with many erotic ple’sur’s that include multiple partne’s in vario’s combinatio’s and’sexual’scenari’s. They’start a munch group that they name &ldquo’switch’s&’squo; Delight” and’start h’sting kinky play parti’s, in addition to pu’suing other’sexual thril’s on their own. The more they explore and experiment, the hotter and more’sat’sfying their’sexual experienc’s become.<‘span>


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