Tales of Female Depravity



Tales of Female Depravity by Lance Edwards
Lured by their seductive power, unsuspecting males fall willingly into the hands of hard-core Dominatrix’s, controlling wives and sadistic femmes, who sole purpose is to dominate their male counterparts, whether it’s a sizzling romp in bed or total slavery and emasculation. Hot, sexy, buxom females take charge in this new collection of Femdom Stories from author Lance Edwards.
In Subtropical Surrender, a Las Vegas call girl sets her sights on her latest john – a handsome and wealthy male who she’ll quickly turn into her doting and submissive husband. Then Ravenous Raver is a sexy punk chick, who takes her naivehook-up home for some heavy bondage and a good ass and face reaming before she finally lets the poor guy go. Next, his pretty fiance Shauna is a nurse, and Just What the Doctor Ordered is a thorough medical exam from her ruthless femdom colleague, Dr. Brant. Not until he’s turned into a groveling sissy-boy and anal trained will this brutal exam be over.
Then, a needy public servant hires Cruel Lucy to abuse him – little does he know he’ll not only be brutally bound and whipped, but all his body hair will be burned off by a candle flame before he’s forced to take her hefty dildos. As Megan’s Plaything he becomes her toilet-boy, torture-boy and whipping-boy – soon to be her ‘impotent-boy’. Despite the horror she has in mind, he knows he’ll willingly submit.
Then when this surprised husband is Caught in the Closet wearing her lingerie, the formidable Asian wife brings in her Domme friends to give her husband the painful punishment he deserves. And Heather’s Hell really smolders, when a weekend in the woods turns into a ‘weenie’ roast with Heather’s willing victim bound to a tree for a night of torture.
These stories and more! Graphic content includes heavy bondage, torture, severe whipping, suspension, hard anal, fisting, humiliation, electro torture, tasers, pissing drinking, female worship, feminization, male milking, hot wax, cock cages, chastity, gags, hoods, chains, rope, dungeons and plenty of gloriously depraved females!

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