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Tales of Love & Cruelty by Lance Edwards

A new collection of Slut-boy Stories from Lance Edwards. Femdom fiction featuring dominating wives, cunning vamps and sexy bitches weaving an erotic spell around male victims who are helpless to prevent their enslavement. In this newest collection of stories, Author Lance Edwards takes the readers from the sensuous power games between husband and wives to shocking tales of sadism and forced submission.

Slut-boy has A Killer Crush on his nephew’s big-breasted Latino wife. But what starts out as an innocent affair soon turns him into a blackmailed, boot-sucking slut, and there’s no way out! InChat Doom, an eager submissive male is warned not to meet this ruthless Domme. But he insists, only to discover that his life will be shattered, turned into an unspeakable horror of total submission. Then in Crucio, Slut-boy has been featured at his wife Elektra’s infamous parties as a human piata, a roasted pig, and now on this Halloween night, as a popular literary character who will spend his night wired, electrified, then whipped by a roomful of sadistic females. And in Triple Play, a submissive couple contacts Mistress Chantelle to help them determine who will be the Master or Mistress in their marriage. Slut-boy has no idea what awaits him as his once sweet wife Luani quickly blossoms into a terrifying Domme.

On the lighter side… It’s Valentines Night and this new husband gets it in the ass for the first time. Then this Slut-boy’s Reward for good behavior is a long awaited night of sex, flogging and bondage. And in Penis Play, Slut-boy gets hung from the ceiling by his live-in girlfriend, and is made to suffer clamps, CBT, hot wax, ice and electric shock, all before his ass is raped.

These stories and many more, from the tame to the extreme. Caged cocks, forced chastity, cruel beatings, stringent bondage, electric play and plenty of ass-reaming highlight the graphic content in this collection of Femdom Stories. But that is just a start. Once again, Lance Edwards pulls out all the stops as he takes the reader through his Tales of Love & Cruelty. One thrilling ride for lovers of Femdom erotica.

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After-dinner Extravaganza


My wife controls absolutely everything in our marriage – especially our sex life. She sternly decides when, where, how, and how often we fuck down to the last detail.

It’s not that she’s any kind of dominatrix or anything. She doesn’t tie me up, torture me or beat me – aside from some incidental slapping and spanking. It’s just that she insists upon absolute obedience, all of the time. As long as I let her make every single decision, and completely submit to her marital rule, she’s unfailingly easy to get along with. Any attempt to assert myself however, and she immediately turns into such a nasty, frigid, verbally abusive bitch that it’s unbelievable. Since she’s very rich, lovely beyond description and the perfect partner as long as she gets her way, I’m happy to let her have it. I don’t mind doing all the housework and constantly catering to her every whim. And really, I find the spontaneity, unpredictability, and insatiability of her passionate desires wildly exciting in any case. Even the sense of powerlessness I experience in being made to so lavishly, slavishly service and submit to her upon demand is cravenly compelling for me. I’ve come to enjoy our admittedly strange love-making as much or more than she does. Just yesterday evening she surprised me in the kitchen as I was doing the after-dinner dishes. For the rest of the night she enjoyed me so extravagantly that my body is still aching and my head still spinning.

“Take off that apron, you ridiculously silly sissy!” she suddenly commanded. “In fact, strip to your skin! I’m going to use you now!”

Startled I spun around. I hadn’t heard her come in, and for good reason. Alice was completely naked, her bare feet soundless on marble floor. She’d even managed to climb onto the huge, sturdy oak table without alerting me.

Perched on the edge, with her long tanned legs splayed so high and wide that her heels found purchase too, she was leaning back with her arms propped behind her on the polished, gleaming surface. Her exposed crotch was shaved and trimmed to a narrow arrow of hair, and her pussy opened invitingly up like a delectable little flower. Her breasts, modest C-cups that are nevertheless perfectly round and upswept, rode high on her chest, the little red nipples enticingly erect. That always shimmering banner of dark blonde hair swept straight back from her clear high forehead to hang down her back and brush the table. Always haughty and proud, her beautiful features had that imperious cast I’ve come to know so well, the pale blue eyes flashing with demanding need.

Right away I dried my hands and began fumbling with the apron strings, and right away she corrected me.

“Not like that – do a strip-tease. Put on a sexy show for me! When you’re done I want you standing at attention right in front of me.”

This was a novel requirement. Nevertheless I was up to it. Swaying and gyrating, I slowly, gracefully stripped, slinking my way forward as I did until I stood up properly straight and attentive with my always obedient erection inches from her opening.

“Good boy.” She gave a sharp nod of approval. “Now use your left hand to play with your left nipple while you masturbate with the right.”

Dutifully I did as I was told: rubbing, pinching and pulling on my tit while I slowly pumped myself with the other.

I was taking no chances – naturally I’m never allowed to come without permission. But Alice wasn’t going to make it that easy for me.

“Faster, boy! I told you I want a floor show. Feast your eyes on my tits and pussy and jack your cock like crazy. I want you panting with lust and struggling to control your disgusting male needs within a minute!”

So I did, and so I was. In truth, I usually find it difficult to climax standing up. Still, feasting my eyes as ordered and beating off like mad – and twisting my tit until it screamed – soon had me sweating, breathing heavily, and flushed with exertion.

“Look at you! You’re blushing. Are you ashamed to be playing with yourself in front of your wife? Look me in the eye and answer!”

Panting for real now, I met that blazing blue gaze. And straightaway I was ashamed. Her authority and superiority always make me feel fundamentally diminished. This shameful tableau (standing at attention before her, engaged in humiliating self-abuse at her command) only emphasized this.

“Yes, dear.” Restraining myself from squirming sheepishly with only a monumental effort, I jacked myself harder than ever and confessed. “I am belittled before you. I feel like a naughty child caught misbehaving.”

“And yet you’re terribly turned on. Being sexually humiliated by me excites you, doesn’t it? That’s why you’ve taken to my most essential kind of sex-play so readily.”

“Yes, Alice. As always you are right.”

“Of course I am. Okay then. You are to continue to debase yourself like this until I tell you to stop. I think about fifteen minutes should do it.”

Moaning at this prospect, hoping desperately that I possessed both the stamina and self control, I straightened my back even more, pushed my dick down painfully level, and continued abusing myself.

“May I feast my eyes on your beautiful body again, dear?”

“I insist that you do. In fact, I will give you a show to rival your own.”

With that she lifted her right hand and began playing with her breast, mirroring the attentions of my left. Of course she has a lot more to work with, so she started by tracing its contours before lifting it, hefting and squeezing it, and generally caressing it all over. Finally she began squeezing and tweaking the already erect nipple, causing it to darken and distend even further. Rolling it between her thumb and forefinger, she showed me tricks I’d never considered, which I immediately copied, to my gasping satisfaction. Unfortunately that was all the education I was going to get. After five minutes of this she transferred her attentions to her already wet and open pussy.

She spread herself wider, un-hooding her clit and flicking it. This too she squeezed and rolled between her fingers, and soon she was moaning just like me. Unlike me however she went about this performance completely unabashed. Rocking her hips, she slipped a finger into herself and began coaxing the juices forth, keening unselfconsciously as she masturbated in front of me.

“Now your balls,” she suddenly ordered. “Use your left hand on your testicles!”

This was of course more arousing still. Soon I was whimpering with need as I kneaded my scrotum, rubbing and oh so gently squeezing my nuts. Still I kept up my frenzied jerking, my eyes glued to the maddening scene in front of me.

Together we aroused each other wildly without ever touching one another, my red-faced humiliation the extra spice of excitement for both of us. So greatly did Alice enjoy this that it was only after twenty minutes, and not fifteen, that she was at last moved on to indulge in even better pleasures.

“Okay, boy,” she finally gasped, running with sweat herself. “On your knees and eat my pussy. I’ve got it all good and ready for you.”

Indeed! When I gratefully dropped my cock (which didn’t fall at all but defied gravity by springing up higher than ever), and knelt worshipfully before that unfurled flower I found it wonderfully awash with nectar.

Slurping this up, wishing I had the long, coiling tongue of a butterfly, I lapped and lapped and lapped at her labia. But when I placed my hands on her split, silken thighs I was immediately chastised.

“No! Clasp your hands about your cock and keep jerking it! After this I’m going to let you fuck me. And I want you at maximum hardness for that!”

As if there could be any doubt! Galvanized by this rare prospect, I stiffened into steely rigidity even as my hands clasped my root and again began pumping. Inspired to earn this incredible treat, I gave up eagerly lapping at her and started sucking hard on her clit in just the way she likes it.

Success! My hard, imperious wife melted immediately. Muscles slackened all over her body, and she went from moaning to keening in an instant. A hand found the back of my head and pressed my face deeper, while her sopping crotch tilted up toward me. Determined to be worthy I burrowed in further, sucked her harder, and even managed to roll that erect little protuberance between my lips as if they were fingers. And with that we had our reward: Alice cried out sharply, bucked against me, and came copiously into my mouth.

Slavishly I sucked up every drop, licked her clean, and then leaned obediently back in response to a push on the forehead. With both hands still locked about my cock, I continued pumping it, groaning constantly at both the ever-increasing pleasure and the need to suppress it. Meanwhile Alice collapsed back onto the tabletop, plunging both hands into her hair as she panted and shivered and gradually recovered. Still I could only masturbate and wait, and pray that she’d meant what she said, or hadn’t capriciously changed her mind.

At long last her breathing slowed, and she met my steady gaze. I didn’t dare let a hint of imploring taint it – even the tiniest bit of begging could imply that I was trying to influence her. Only by waiting absolutely impassively, as if I had no desires of my own and that hers were all that mattered, might I finally get thrown a bone – or get allowed to throw her one. Thus Alice scrutinized me for several long minutes as I knelt there panting and masturbating before her. Finally a slow grin spread across her lovely face.

“You’re getting good at this, boy. You know just what I like. Good for you. And what I’d like now, before we retire to the bedroom for the all-night orgy, is for you to stand up, grip me by the hips, insert your erection, and fuck me until I come again. Can you handle that without coming yourself?”

“Yes, dear. I must and so I will.”

“Damn right, boy! So stand up and stick it in me! Opportunities like this don’t just come along every day, you know!”

Indeed they don’t. I haven’t been allowed to fuck my wife in weeks. As I scrambled to my feet and moved in close my cock – primed by nearly an hour of pumping – felt overcharged with power and bobbed and twitched with every beat of my heart. Palms sweating, mouth dry, erection burning with excitement, I stepped up to the edge of the table even as Alice drew her knees up higher and spread her legs out wider. Hanging just off the edge, her sopping wet, wide open cunt exerted an attraction for me greater than the most super massive black hole. It seemed to just suck me forward and into it, until my entire hard length from questing tip to hot-rock root was bathed and encased in warm, slippery-wet compression.

I’ll say this for Alice’s reluctance to allow me into her vagina. It has kept her delightfully tight even after eight years of marriage. She doesn’t want kids, so of course there will be none. Nothing will be allowed to deplete the tight elasticity of that opening except my cock, and that only rarely. Thus as always, I moaned ecstatically and blessed my wife extravagantly as my erection was once again finally granted access to heaven.

Of course, pausing to wallow in that ecstasy was the surest way of ensuring that I’d never be granted it again. My purpose here wasn’t to bathe in bliss, but to provide it. And so, as soon as I was deeply seated I pulled back, only to drive forcefully in again. As ordered my hands gripped Alice’s hips, holding her tight and pulling her back against me as I thrust my burning boner forward. Again and again I did this, and my beautiful wife paid me the ultimate compliment by going limp and giving over control, however brief and temporary, of her anatomy. Arms stretched above her head, her body flopping to the rhythm of my fucking, she closed her eyes and mindlessly rode the torrent of ecstasy flooding through her.

For myself I concentrated solely on providing it. It became quickly necessary to shut down any focus on my own sensations. As I’ve said, I usually find it impossible to come standing upright. But we’re not talking about a usual situation. I’d been jerking off forever before being ordered into a vagina I normally only ever get to service orally. I was so excited and turned on that fucking my beloved soon became as much of a torment as it was an ecstatic privilege. If I lost control for an instant, and spurted hopelessly out into her, I could look forward to months in the doghouse, and likely no such opportunity ever again. Thus as I poked and stroked, rocked and rolled, pushed and pulled and fucked my wife as quickly and skillfully as I could, I was forced to constantly distract myself.

How was my local hockey team doing? Who was the leading scorer? Which American soccer stars were proving themselves in English football and which were falling on their faces? Should I hate the Patriots for going undefeated or get on the bandwagon? Could my cock ever possibly get harder or hotter as I drove it wildly in and out of my wife’s oh so tight pussy and madly thrashing body? And how might I possibly keep from coming for more than another minute?

Thankfully I wasn’t required to answer this last one. Finally Alice went into frantically thrashing conniptions, screaming out her climax, sinking her fingernails into my ass and accelerating her rhythm until she at last collapsed back onto the table in unconcealed delirium. With a twitch of her hips she indicated that I withdraw.

Immediately I backed out of her. My cock, formerly ragingly hot and instants from ejaculating emerged slathered-up wet and cooled right down by the air of the room. Still it bobbed and pulsed and pointed ever more emphatically at where it wanted to return to. Of course, that was never in the cards.

Again Alice gasped, stretched, and ignored me utterly while she slowly recovered. But finally she deigned to look at me: standing at attention, tremblingly erect, and not even now daring to stare at her. She giggled delightedly.

“Okay, boy. You’ve had your fun. Now it’s time for mine. Follow me into my bedroom, you!”

Of course I knew this was coming. This is what sex between us always entails. Tonight was always going to be a blessed aberration. Now we reverted to form. With my heart and cock pounding harder than ever, and my face flushing anew with just the anticipation of truly outrageous humiliation, I dutifully followed my wife as she slipped off the table and padded naked through the house to that fantastic master bedroom.

Of course every corridor is lined with masterpieces, and every chamber with sculptures, paintings and furniture of incredible value. But I had eyes for nothing but Alice’s round, tight ass, the sexy slender small of her back and the way her long, long hair wavered gently in the breeze of her passage. Oh, I was so hot for her, and she was so cold! Still, I thought, I might yet get to come tonight if only I play it right. With this hope burning secretly inside I tried to prepare myself for the upcoming pain and ignominy. Finally Alice led me into her huge, magnificently appointed bedroom. She turned to me, and demanded the same thing she always does.

“Okay, boy. Bring me my favorite cock. Bring it to me and secure it to me. Then we’ll spend the rest of the night having sex the way we always do!”

Okay, I finally have to admit the shocking truth. My wife not only wears the pants in our marriage, she almost always insists on wielding the penis too. It’s been like this ever since our wedding night, when she first took my virginity. Back then I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I bawled like a baby, chewed the pillow in my agony, and tried to pretend I would never submit to being butt fucked again. Of course Alice has taken me myriad times since. Fucking my ass is the ultimate expression of her authority over me, and she never misses an opportunity to exercise it. Nearly every day at some point she’ll approach me with her cock already strapped on over her clothes. Interrupting my housework, she’ll yank down my pants, bend me over the nearest piece of furniture and fuck me absolutely senseless. Power is Alice’s aphrodisiac, so much so that sex is pointless without it, and raping and humiliating me as necessary as breath.

Sigh… Still, as I hinted at earlier, I’ve learned to accept and adapt to this. I’ve even learned to enjoy and become excited about it, though surely nothing approaching the extent of my wife’s ecstatic delight. So it was that although my knees were quivering, my face burning and my innards churning, my own cock remained rock-hard erect as I went to a trunk at the foot of my wife’s enormous ten foot-square feather bed.

I opened this, disclosing an incredible jumble of dildos – though Alice insists I never use that word. My breath quickening, I sorted through all the cocks, pricks, dicks and penises until I located her current favorite. This is a nine inch-long black rubber schlong built into the crotch of a pair of latex hot pants. Cut high around the butt and low in front, these tight rubber shorts nevertheless provide unmatched security of fit. Never is there a need for her to hold onto her cock while she fucks me. Trembling even more, I turned back to Alice, knelt at her feet and held those slick black shorts open for her.

Steadying herself with a hand on the top of my head, she lifted first one foot and then the other, placing them through the waist and leg-holes of her priceless penis pants. Then she waited smilingly for me to pull them up.

With a skill born of long familiarity I did so. Even as impossibly skin-tight as they were I drew those shorts up her legs and over her ass and hips. I smoothed out every wrinkle and tested the cock with a quick wiggle. Finally Alice’s hand touched my head again, playfully tousling my hair.

“Well done, Slut-Boy.” This becomes my only name the instant she sports an erection. “Now I want you to wait here kneeling for me for just another minute or so.”

“Yes, dear.”

She left me then, climbing onto her enormous bed. I heard her stretching out and positioning herself. Then came the oh-so familiar (and shamefully exciting) call to duty.

“Okay, Slut-boy. Come join me!”

I turned, and saw that she’d splayed herself out much like before. Her head and shoulders were supported by two stacked pillows, lifting her breasts delectably as well. Meanwhile her legs were once again drawn way up and spread completely out. Seen through the hole in her penis pants, her pussy was again open and wet and oh so inviting. Yet I didn’t dream for a second that this would be the organ I was being called to service. Alice’s penis stuck straight up from her mound, bobbing it bit with her heavy breathing.

“You know what to do,” she confirmed for me. “Crawl up here between my legs and suck my cock. Kiss it and lick it all over first. Worship my big, hard, fully erect penis for me Slut-boy!”

“Yes, dear,” I murmured.

Heart pounding, face burning, I wormed my way up the bed until I lay between her legs as ordered. With my own erection pressed pleasurably against the thick down comforter, I kissed my wife’s cock on the tip and then ran my tongue all over it. Leaving no spot un-wetted I redundantly slathered it with spit before finally opening up and taking the head of it into my mouth. Then I started sucking cock.

I’ve had long years in which to develop an exquisite proficiency at this. Bobbing up and down, I took more of my wife’s erection into my mouth with each stroke, until I was expertly deep-throating the entire thick shaft. Alice meanwhile began playing with her nipples, and soon she was pumping up with her hips, gasping and moaning and exhorting me on as if it were indeed her own sensitive flesh slipping between my tightly gripping lips. Indeed her ever increasing arousal was far too obviously genuine for this to be merely an act. Eventually she even raised her legs and locked her ankles behind my neck. Pulling me forcefully toward her, she used those long, strong, silky smooth legs to aid and dictate my bobbing, gobbling rhythm. Yet even this wasn’t enough for her. Finally she grabbed my head with both hands as well, and used all four limbs to force her hard cock rapidly in and out of me. Crying out with excitement, she pumped her hips and pulled my head and ever more urgently fucked my mouth, until finally she was writhing and screaming her way through her third orgasm of the evening. And of course we hadn’t even reached the main event yet.

And then of course we did. From holding her cock locked all the way in me with all four limbs Alice at last released me.

“Okay, Slut-boy. You can take my penis from your mouth now. You’ve once again proven yourself a wonderfully adept little cocksucker. But the foreplay is finally over. I want you to lie here just like I am. We’ll start off fucking you in the missionary position. Then we’ll get a bit more exotic.”

And so we switched. In less than a minute I was the one lying with my head propped up and my legs raised and spread. It was my prick sticking up desperately erect, and my hole gaping vulnerably open. And by contrast it was now Alice kneeling before me, grinning evilly down at me, and preparing herself for an unbridled sexual adventure.

“Are you ready, Slut-boy? Are you ready to get fucked by my cock?”

“Yes, my wife, my lover, my owner,” I replied. “You know I’m always ready for whatever you require of me. I love you desperately.”

“Good,” she smugly replied. “Here it comes then. Take my giant cock, you fucking little slut!”

With that her big stiff prick – already well-slickened with my spit – suddenly stabbed viciously into my asshole. Right up to the base it plunged into me, bringing an agonized wail from me and a gasp of delighted satisfaction from Alice. Without hesitation she stabbed me again and again and again, constantly and without stop. Once again she panted and yelped ecstatically, taking more pleasure in her fucking than anyone with a real prick ever could. As for me, I’d had eight years in which to go from agony to acceptance to reluctant appreciation to amazed enjoyment and finally to wild excitement at such treatment. Of course the pain and shame involved remained enormous. But somehow I learned to incorporate this all; to even make it a key ingredient in the excitement subsuming me. So it was that I lied helplessly spread beneath my wife: gasping and moaning and again feasting my eyes on her incomparable body as she loomed over me and drove her erection in and out of my ass as hard and fast as she could.

Thus she pitilessly fucked me to orgasm number four. And after that she continued to butt fuck me for several hours more. Spooning on our sides she drove into me from behind. Kneeling on the bed she did me doggy style, before pushing my head and shoulders down into a worshipful kowtow. After fucking me like that to yet another orgasm, she finally allowed me an orgasm of my own, but only in the most degrading of circumstances. I was rolled up onto my head and shoulders, with my legs bracketing my face and my ass the highest point of my uncomfortably contorted body. With my cock pointing directly at my mouth from less that foot away, she fucked me in that pile-driver position and ordered me to jerk myself off. At the height of her final orgasm of the night I was at last given the blessed green light. With her hard cock battering rapidly down into me then I cried out in pain, shame, and ecstasy and ejaculated down into my open mouth, liberally splattering my hotly flushed features in the process. Only then did she withdraw from me for good, and smirk contemptuously down at me.

“Okay, Slut-boy. That’s enough sex for tonight. Help me out of my cock. Then I want you to take it with you back to the kitchen. You can clean it up along with the rest of the dishes. Then take it with you back to your own little bedroom. I don’t want to be disturbed. You can return it to the trunk when you come in here to clean in the morning.

“Yes, dear.” Aching all over, still dripping with and tasting the salty goo I’d just so liberally spewed, I humbly did as I was told.


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