Tales of Submission



Tales of Submission by Lizbeth Dusseau
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BDSM Erotica & Romance, featuring surrendering females and Dominant Men…Sometimes there are tough lessons to be learned when a submissive female fails her dominant. Whether it’s the experienced Liza who fails to procure a new submissive for her husband Oliver in The Applicant II: The Mistress of Sparrowhawk, or Eden Rose, of Adam & eden, who’s caught in a web of lies, and is forced to face her fears ” of whips, chains, bondage and much more. In other tales, young women awaken to their submissive side in strange venues, like the naïve flower seller Lily who is lured by her mysterious lover through The Red Door, an ancient gateway into worlds of sexual deviancy. Or Carrie, who along with her husband, enter the world of Haliday House, a lifestyle B&B, where she finds her kinky fantasies coming to life as she becomes of the centerpiece of a graphic slave auction and much more, in Shadows of a Painted Lady. Finally, some submissive females are just sluts from the get-go, like Clarise of An Innocent Obsession, whose craving for bondage and a leather harness leads her into some harrowing adventures in the ponygirl world.
Graphic content also includes S&M, bondage, spanking, discipline, racks, whips, canes, clamps, paddles, slave training and anal sex.
These novels are also sold separately.

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