Tammy & The Cane Whisperer

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Tammy & The Cane Whisperer by M. Daniel

Having suppressed her dreams for years out of fear of ridicule by others, Tammy finds a release for her erotic desires on an obscure BDSM website.

After stumbling onto the site, she’s at first fearful and reluctant to go further, but then overcomes her hesitation and responds to a message from a mysterious on-line character known as The Cane Whisperer. The message comes like a summons from one of power and superiority, bringing with it a gently blossoming allure and dizzying eroticism. She’s scared, but terribly aroused by a longing that was once buried deep within her.

Yielding to her curiosity and burning desire, she takes a short drive across town and plunges into an intoxicating whirlwind of submission and obedience. For the first time in her life, she embraces lesbian love beyond anything she has ever imagined. Her deepest fantasies of bondage and discipline are brought to life as she relinquishes control and finds fulfillment with this mystifying dominatrix. Ahead for Tammy is a world of flaming erotic romance beyond her imagination.

Includes Female domination, female submission, Mistress, Master, spanking, whipping, paddles, birch rods, a whip, cat-o-nine tails, switches and leather.

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From the top of the stairs, Narinder led Tammy into a regally displayed anteroom off from the master bedroom. She guided her over to an elegantly designed gothic styled church kneeler with soft red leather padded covering to kneel. It rose up into a gently sloping platform where one would ordinarily lay their prayer book. But this platform was like one of those old-style children’s school desk. Its top was a thick, see-through acrylic lid. And inside she could see an assortment of paddles, belts, crops, short whips, and birch rods. But what held Tammy’s eyes transfixed was a pair of curled up cat-o-nine tails. One had long, thick, braided tails, the other had very thin tails but each was capped with a shiny, gold metal tip. Then Narinder went around behind Tammy and opened the back of her gown so that her butt was more fully exposed. Then she went around in front of her and adjusted her breasts so that they were completely free of the gown. Then she took Tammy by the shoulders and gently leaned her forward so that her breasts were laying on top of the desktop on full display. She stood for a moment inspecting her work then she straightened Tammy’s arms at her sides, fingers straight, and palms against the thighs. Then she took a soft-bristled whiskbroom from her pocket and used it to brush off the bottoms of Tammy’s feet like dusting a statue or some inanimate thing on display in a museum. She stepped back once again to look over her display then abruptly turned and walked out of the room.

After being left alone for what seemed like hours, Narinder returned. She walked up to Tammy and laid a small bundle of five long, thin switches all tied together on the desktop in front of Tammy’s wide eyes. Then she removed a small makeup kit from her apron pocket and began applying make-up to Tammy’s face. Very little, just a dab of rouge here and there, some highlighting on the eyebrows, and a coat of soft, pink lipstick on her lips. When she finished she leaned back to check her work, then returned the make-up kit to her apron pocket. She picked up the bundle of switches and went around behind Tammy and unceremoniously applies six swift blows to her butt cheeks.

The first blow sent a curious stinging chill throughout Tammy’s entire body. The mixture was as much a stinging pain as a startling fear. She flinched and instinctively thrust her butt forward trying to escape the cruel bundle. But the kneeler’s construction prevented her from pulling away at all. There was no time for her to catch her breath before a second blow came swishing through the air and striking a much less startling but far more painful slice across her unprotected bottom. The third slash started a sharply rising fire on her butt. She heard herself grunt for the first time. The pain was starting to stir in her a long buried titillating sensation. It curiously made her smile as she waited for another blow. And when it came whistling through the air and cutting across her bottom her whole body shuddered and she let out a low, long, drawn-out, guttural sound that caused her to toss her head back uncontrollably. The next blow cut off her breath and she slammed her hands down on the kneeler determined to make herself absorb the roaring blaze now licking like tongues of dancing flame roaring in her brain. When the sixth blow landed it did not add at all to the pain that was already at its peak. But it did cause her to grit her teeth and emit a pitiable hiss that sucked away the last of her breath.

It was several dizzying seconds before she realized the blows had stopped. She slowly returned her hands to her sides the way Narinder had placed them and straightened her back to regain her posture. Her breathing came in short, panting puffs. She slowly opened her eyes and found her vision obstructed by the single tear pooled in each of her eyes. Narinder squatted down and inspected Tammy’s butt. She softly traced her fingers across each of Tammy’s butt cheeks as if counting something. Then she stood and applied three more cutting blows to her bottom and inspected it again. She straightened Tammy’s arms again – palms inward, fingers straight – then she went around front and placed her breasts back on the kneeler’s acrylic desk top in proper display fashion. Then she walked out of the room again all the time never saying a word. Tammy breathed a sigh of relief as the pain still roared causing her butt cheeks to throb like a pounding headache. She wanted to rub her bottom but for some reason remained just as Narinder had left her.  “Whew,” she whispered, still trying to absorb the pain away.

About twenty minutes later Narinder returned and laid another note in front of Tammy. It was hand written in exquisitely perfect cursive script and it read, “You are expected to remain the entire weekend. If that is not a possibility for you, ask Narinder to bring you your clothes and she will show you out. Otherwise look at Narinder and nod your head four distinct times.”

Tammy reads the note a second time then looked up at Narinder and nodded her head four times taking pains to count each nod. Narinder took the note and put it in her pocket. Then she took hold of Tammy’s leash and led her out of the room into yet another, smaller, waiting area and bade her sit down on the sofa. The soft, silky feel of the sofa was a relief for her stinging bottom. “Thank you,” Tammy said, as Narinder turned and left without responding. But from behind her Tammy heard, “You’re quite welcomed, Tammy.” Tammy started to turn to see who had spoken and was told, “No, no, don’t move,” the voice said. Tammy was shocked. Her heart began pounding and her breathing quickened. She had never considered this, not even in her wildest fantasy. She had never considered that The Cane Whisperer who had so commandingly summoned her might be a woman. “I am your hostess, your Mistress, your Cane Whisperer.”

The woman was soft spoken, just above a whisper, with a very pleasant voice that gently rose and fell like a songbird. She walked up behind Tammy and delicately ran her hand over each of her butt cheeks. Tammy thought she must have been checking to see how good a job Narinder had done. “Sweet,” The Whisperer said, softly and low as if speaking only to herself. Then she more intimately stroked Tammy’s bottom, each cheek from the small of her back to the top of her thigh and up and down the sides several times. Tammy enjoyed the feel of her hand. It felt, not only sweet and comforting after her whipping, but somehow loving and uncomfortably erotic. Her breathing quickened even more. She hoped it was not noticed. But just then The Whisperer stopped and gave each cheek a very affectionate, motherly pat. “You bruise well, Tammy,” she said, as she walked around in front of her.

“Thank you,” Tammy said, and immediately felt silly for it.

The Whisperer chuckled quietly then said, “You were not honest in your chatting. Narinder reports, and I can see now for myself, that you have never been spanked before,” she said very matter-of-factly. “Don’t lie to me again. Especially not about things like that.”

Tammy felt uncomfortable, like a guilty teenager caught in a lie by mom. She waited some time then began to squirm a bit as The Whisperer stood looking down at her. Tammy averted her eyes and said, in a low, barely audible voice, “Okay.”

“Good,” The Whisperer said, lovingly stroking Tammy’s hair. Then she added, “Honesty is important, Tammy. And, as long as I’m on the subject let me, in the interest of full disclosure, inform you that you are going to be whipped at least once during your stay with me this weekend.”

When she heard “once” Tammy was just about to breathe a sigh of relief until she heard, “With each of the instruments in the case in front of you. I will leave you to Narinder now. She will give you a tour of my home to help you relax and overcome your anxiety.” Then The Whisperer gave her a loving pinch on the cheek and turned and walked out of the room.

Tammy finally went on and breathed that sigh of relief after The Whisperer left the room because, “After all,” she thought. “The switches weren’t really all that bad.” Then she cast her eyes into the case before her. The only thing she shuttered about when looking at them were the two cat-o-nine tails. She looked around the room quickly to make sure no one else had sneaked up on her. Then she reached back and finally rubbed her butt. She smiled and told herself, “felt better when she was rubbing it,” then she chuckled. She quickly dropped her hands back down by her sides when she heard Narinder approaching. She could tell it was her because she wore some shoes that looked like house shoes but they had high heels and had a little bell, like one of those little round Christmas bells that jingled and jangled every time she took a step. She straightened her posture and waited.

Narinder entered and stopped. Tammy assumed she was inspecting her butt again. She felt Narinder’s hand, very gently pat her bottom. Then there was a shocking “SLAP!” that sent her bolting forward. Narinder then took her by the leash and smiled as if nothing at all had happened, and very playfully said, “Come on, love, I’ll give you a tour of the house,” and pulled Tammy up beside her and happily walked off chatting like old school-girl chums.

Tammy thoroughly enjoyed her tour. Narinder was really a lot of fun. Tammy was enthralled at the house. First, because she had never been in a home that big, and secondly because all of the furnishings were actually expensive antiques or pieces designed by famous people. Even that settee where she had sat her naked butt, according to Narinder, was an antique worth over half a million dollars. It used to be in some French king’s house. And those chandeliers in that great big old room she passed through, all four of them were made by Tiffany’s and were like a zillion dollars apiece. “Oh my god!” Tammy said in awe, when Narinder told her that the rug they were walking over in the hallway was something called a Sultanabad Persian Antique Rug worth about seventy thousand dollars. “Wow!” she said, as Narinder, holding Tammy’s leash the whole time and wearing a short whip of braided leather hanging on her waist, said, “I know, right? My Mistress is amazing. I love her so much. And she’s fun, too.”

“What’s her real name?” Tammy asked. And Narinder completely ignored her question leading her instead by her leash to stand in front of a beautiful wooden door with a forest scene carved into it from top to bottom. “Oh, wow.” Tammy said softly, looking at Narinder. “What’s in there?” she asked almost in a whisper. Narinder draped the leash around the doorknob and gave Tammy a quick pat on the butt. Then walked away. Tammy watched as she disappeared down the hall, walking over that rug again and out of sight. Tammy looked again at that great, big wooden door in front of her. It was very detailed, she thought. And as she was staring trying to make out some of the objects in the background of the carving, suddenly the door opened causing her a start and to gasp, “Oh.” And she looked up to see The Whisperer.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” she said, taking Tammy’s leash and leading her into the bedroom. “Welcome,” she said, sitting down on her canopied bed still holding Tammy by the leash. She tugged the leash and pulled Tammy close enough that their knees were touching. The Whisperer reach forward and lifted the front of Tammy’s robe with one hand while her other gently patted her on her silky, black bush. She dropped the robe back into place and told Tammy, “Narinder’s right, too much. I’m going to have her shave you before you go to bed tonight.” Then she placed her hands on Tammy’s bottom, pulled her even closer, and gave her the hottest, deepest, wettest, most erotically stimulating kiss Tammy had ever had in her whole entire life. She instantly began to melt into The Whisperer’s embrace. The kiss literally left her breathless. The Whisperer looked into her eyes and smiled knowingly. Then she announced, “Bend over on the bed, Tammy. I’m going to spank you again before I turn you over to Narinder. She’ll bathe you and give you that shave you need. Then she’ll put you to bed. Come now bend over.”

As The Whisperer stood up, Tammy obediently stepped forward, knelt down, and bent over onto the bed. She even found herself reaching back and making sure her robe was out of the way and her bare butt was fully exposed. She was still a bit discombobulated from that unbelievable kiss. She felt like she was moving around inside of a dream. She could feel the hand gently massaging her bottom and exploring nether reaches no woman ever had before. She felt herself spreading her legs slightly with no need to decide to do so. Her body simply responded to the gentle probing so boldly carrying her to worlds unknown. Then she saw the bundle of switches being handed to The Whisperer. “Narinder!” she thought, “Hi.” But she never said a word. She thought she had. But she was lost in the lingering memory of a kiss like ones she had only ever dreamed were even possible. And never dreamed would ever happen to her. Then, as the first blow landed she pressed herself close into the mattress and welcomed the next five happily. When they ended she could feel the cool air brushing over her warm, moist bush. She relaxed onto the mattress there on her knees to catch her breath. She could hear the murmuring of voices behind her and beside her. Then she heard Narinder say, very tenderly like talking to a new puppy, “Come on, love, come on,” as she tugged the leash and guided Tammy to her feet. She was feeling no pain. It was as thought the gentle touch, the soothing voice, the whistling of the switches, and, oh my god, that kiss had all come together like some celestial chorus of delight that still held her captive as Narinder led her on her leash out of the presence of The Cane Whisperer.

1 review for Tammy & The Cane Whisperer

  1. Mastet_K

    Excellent! Tammy’s experiences are one erotic adventure after another. Each chapter title tells the reader what to expect. And each chapter is unbelievably titillating. Great read!

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