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Tethered by Lizbeth Dusseau
Erotice Romance. When the streetwise Franny begs Jack Brando to “tie me up and make love,” little does she realize what erotic thrills await her at the hands of this master of the sexual arts – and little does she know what prices she’ll pay to bring this dominant out of retirement. The further these two venture into the underworld of her tethered desires, the more Jack demands until it’s unclear whether the sometimes savvy, sometimes innocent young woman has the courage to realize the deep satisfaction and release that her bound captivity promises.
The steamy sensuality between the two cannot be ignored, and neither can the power of their mutual needs. As they explore the frightening shadows of Franny’s sexual lust, they find a love they never expected.
This stunning sexual fantasy includes breathtaking bondage scenes, discipline, spanking, exhibitionism, anal sex and female bisexuality.

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