The Abstract Tattoo – ebook


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The Abstract Tattoo by L. J. Frank

Reine Sharifa is not your typical Femdom Goddess. She is of Egyptian lineage with a natural abstract tattoo above her left ankle. The meaning is symbolic of her ancestry and future. She also possesses a primitive androgynous art object resembling the tattoo that serves as a connection with her ancient past. A soon to be unemployed associate professor of Medieval history at Columbia University, Micah Zunge, experiences a sexually submissive and decidedly mystical encounter with Reine at her home in Tarrytown. It’s clear the connection between them is strong, which prompts Reine to tell him of the art object. The more she speaks of it, the more compelled they are to search out its meaning. And so, they travel to Toronto, to the place Reine calls her Sanctuary, which is housed in a partially converted barn. Its private patio, tall evergreens, stone walls and erotic bronze sculptures have Micah mesmerized. And it’s there that this unique pairing of male and female confirm the basic character of their chosen lifestyle. A sensuous tale of male surrender and female domination that includes a strap-on, flogger, cock cage, chastity, anal and oral sex, foot fetish and goddess worship.

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