The Applicant II – ebook



The Applicant II by Lizbeth Dusseau

BDSM Maledom. After Liza and her lover, Hilary, fail miserably to find a suitable new applicant to satisfy their master, the fuming Oliver punishes them together – much to Liza’s horror. Afterwards, he auctions Hilary off to the ruthless dominant Nils Grayling. There’s no telling when she might return, if ever! Denied the affection from Liza she’s accustomed to, Hilary undergoes the rigorous discipline of a sex slave under Grayling’s imperious rule, wondering if she’ll ever see her true master and beloved Liza again. Meanwhile, ignoring his wife, Oliver personally trains his new applicant, Shelby, who he procured on his own. Left to herself, the jealous Liza’s schemes abound as she seduces the estate’s handsome, Jack, only to discover his dominant inclinations rival her husband’s. This high-spirited novel is teeming with Masters, slaves and devious plots. Includes lusty S&M exhibitions in nightclubs, soirees and boardrooms, as well as creative bondage, racks, whips, canes, clamps, paddles, intense slave training, anal, straight and lesbian sex. All consensual. This is classic BDSM Lizbeth erotica.



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