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The Blue Butterfly by Don Julian Winslow

Erotic D/s stories, each describing in exquisite detail the sensual power and fascinating allure of carefully chosen women. Some are beautiful, some merely pretty in an ordinary sort of way while others are quite exotic. For men who love women, each represents a shining example of her sex, with a seductive appeal that makes her erotic exploits so arousing. These extraordinary women are masterfully depicted at the height of sexual ecstasy by renowned erotica author Don Julian Winslow. The Storyteller Chloe is a bit a vixen as she weaves a delightfully wicked tale for her lover ” of Nadia, a mistress of the dance, who properly disciplines miscreant pupils with the help of a wooden ruler and barre over which they present their tight bottoms for the spanking they’ve earned. In Sutter’s Back Room, the dimly-lit space becomes a backdrop for the sexually eager Bobbi to enjoy the naughty thrill of surrender at the hands of her dominantly inclined co-worker. These and other stories featuring male and female domination, female submission, spanking, discipline, light bondage, sex toys, sexual dressing, exhibitionism, anal, oral, straight and lesbian sex.

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Out of the corner of her eye, Adrienne saw a movement in the shadows of the darkened theater.  Did his hand slip from the armrest to drop on her side. Then she felt his fingers touch her on the leg!

She sucked in a sharp gasp of air, stiffening, keenly aware of the tingling racing through her body.  Now the hidden hand movd more decisively, sliding over to come to rest with fingertips lightly touching the paralized woman’s leg.  She glanced down at the man’s hand resting on her stockinged leg. Adrienne sat perfectly still, unable to  move. She knew she should do something, anything to react to his uninvited touch: twist away, firmly but politely remove the hand that was making her warmer by the minute.  But she didn’t know what to do. So she did nothing.  Her mind was in turmoil, she shot him a glance out of the corner of her eye, but the man was facing straight ahead, his blond face calm and passive, as though he were detached from the hand that rested so lightly on her nyloned thigh.  Part of her mind screamed that she must do something! Yet there was this warmth.

Yet she sat there, holding herself perfectly still, sucking in a long shivering breath when the bold hand began to move, slowly sliding along the sheer nylon till the palm could curve to fit itself to the rounded contour of her right knee.  In the dark, the elegant woman bit down on her lip and waited, super-alert; every fiber of her body tense, expectant.  The slow-moving hand stopped, settled there.  He seemed content to let it rest there, protectively cupping her right knee while the two of them sat together, side by side in the darkness, a couple in the theater, watching the first act unfold.  The music was building in power.  The warmth of his touch was growing; the hot hand resting comfortably curved to fit her nyloned knee, a source of radiant heat that suffused her whole body.

Adrienne trembled, acutely alive to his touch, savoring the erotic stirrings that warming hand generated…wanting still more of his touch.  She glanced over at the stranger, but his handsome face was set, eyes fixed on the stage as if totally engrossed by the performance.  It was as though he was unaware that his hand rested with such proprietary intent on her right knee.  And so the two opera-goers sat side by side, letting the tension build until, the knot of anticipation tightened in Adrienne’s belly.  In a moment of sheer madness, she boldly took matters into her own hands, reaching down to cover his hand with hers.  She gave his hand an affectionate squeeze of encouragement and felt it moving higher. She was guiding the errant hand upward on her leg, without a word urging on  the sensuous journey of discovery.

With his hand was at the hem, she let her head fall back. Falling into lassitude,  she let him have his way with her, continuing to easing the dress up along the smooth silky expanse.  Adrienne  quivered, scarcely daring to breathe when his fingers kept on going, nosing right under the hem of her thin silvery dress.  Through half-lidded eyes she looked down to watch the  progress of that slow hand as it eased back the hem, creeping under the slippery fabric, then moving with more confidence till she  was being exposed; the nyloned length of an exquisitely-shaped thigh steadily uncovered in the darkness of the theater.   She felt his fingertips glide up the slick stocking. He was hardening, luxuriating in the feel of that smooth firmly packed nylon, moving, sliding back the slippery dress and the lacy-edged slip, to uncover practically all of Adrienne’s splendid legs.

Swiftly, purposefully, the cupped hand moved along the sculpted contour of the exposed thigh, burrowing right up under dress and slip, inching its way upward till the tented hand had uncovered the entire lengths of those attractive limbs from nyloned haunches to the pointed toes of her high-heeled pumps.

That warmth of that manly hand was making her hot, burning with unbearable sexual heat; a delicious tingling electrified the woman as fingertips drew slow circles on the top of her thigh.  She let her head fall back, vaguely aware that her dress had been pushed back all the way by now, rucked up across her lap like a shameless whore’s.  She knew that beyond the banded tops of her thigh-high stockings, and her panties would be seen.  She was beyond all caring.  She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, then let out a long shuddering breath.

Drifting helplessly, the young woman could do nothing but yield, falling back limp, surrendering to the warm waves of pleasure rolling in her loins.  That magical hand dipped between her thighs; decisive fingers curved around the sloping inner-thigh to cradle her top leg.  Digging his fingers into the soft flesh, he gripped her firmly, hefting her leg, lifting it up and over, leaving her totally undone; slack legs falling open, knees widespread, leaving her in wanton, wicked abandon.

The stranger took his time, savoring the feel of that nyloned leg, testing its firmness, its resiliency; squeezing, stroking, running the pads of his fingertips along the gauzy warm nylon.  Those eager hands were driving her crazy, making slow love to her legs.  He felt the attractive young woman quicken, stiffening under his touch as his fingertips lingered along the insides of her warm, rapidly moistening thighs, tracing lazy circles on the slick nylon.

Inquisitive fingers slid all the way up the Adrienne’s thigh over the elastic band at the top of the stocking and onto the flesh he found beyond the nylon, flesh so soft and smooth and silky.  Now his fingertips encountered the leg of her panties, a tiny ridge of elasticized lace.  A single finger traced the curvature of the arching leg-band as it dipped down the gentle slope of the inner thigh into the moist heat high up between Adrienne’s shifting legs.  She bit down on her curled lip, but kept her head rigidly forward; her eyebrows arched up, and her pretty eyes widened appreciably as his probing fingers neared her hot wet and oh so needy sex.

Then he touched her there!  That most intimate touch electrified the girl with surging thrill that rippled up through her body; causing Adrienne to visibly straighten, wiggling her shoulders and jerking upright as she sucked in a sharp breath through tightly clenched teeth.  Inquisitive fingers probed through the front of her panties, pressing into the soft folds of flesh, as the helpless female, the last shreds of her defense melting away, let her knees slide indolently open — an eloquent gesture that invited the man’s intimate touch on her throbbing cunt.  Quite deliberately, he placed the pad of his middle finger just at the apex of her vulva and used that one finger to slowly tickle her warm vaginal flesh through the dampening gusset of her panties.

Adrienne’s breathing was heavy; her eyes fluttered closed as wave after wave of pleasure lapped over her.  Letting her head fall back she slid down in her seat, legs sprawled carelessly apart, uncaring; wanting more.  His fingers curled up into her crotch pressed insistently between her swollen labia, poking the taut nylon into the slick valley of her needy cunt.  He squeezed and palmed the furry mound in a slow, deep massage that soon had the girl squirming helplessly, stifling a moan as her hips moved instinctively wiggling in sensual delight.

The agitated woman was aware of the incredible wetness between her legs, the copious flow that was soaking her underwear, and probably the cushioned seat on which she sat; she didn’t care.  She knew only that she wanted more, more of his caresses, more of the feel of that firm manly hand that was holding her by the sex, palming her hot throbbing cunt, slowly fondling her lust-swollen pussy.  She felt the terrible ache in her spasoming vagina, the intense pang of longing.  She wanted his fingers inside her…now!

The dreamy caress of the soft folds of her cunt soon had the healthy mature woman openly thrusting her hips, bucking instinctively to the waves of pleasure that moved deep inside her.  She could no longer suppress the soft moan, more of a desperate whimper, easily drowned out in the powerful music of the orchestra that even now was reaching a crescendo.


Swept along in the magnificent music, Adrienne was taken up by the ecstatic rapture that welled up in her at the approaching climax.  Suddenly her body straightened; legs shot out stiffly.  Thigh muscles spasmed, contracting to tighten on and imprison the intruding hand.  The man kept his hand buried between her thighs to let the passion-driven woman rub herself off on him, twisting her hips with burning urgency, humping his hand in her desperation to grind her pubic mound against him and savor the intense thrill of her clitoris rubbing against his palm.  Even as he palmed her the music reached a peak; Adrienne threw back her head while the deep quiver of an orgasm overtook her, sending her into paroxysms of undiluted pleasure.  Her body trembled in that one singular moment of pure ecstasy.


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