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The Cardinal’s Sins by Imelda Stark

A salacious novel set in Renaissance Florence, at a time when powerful, ruthless men are given carte blanche to slake their passions on the sumptuous beauties that Tuscany is famous for.  Giuseppe Monteverdi di Medici, the stunningly handsome bastard son of Cosimo di Medici is destined from birth to rise high in the Catholic church. When he earns promotion to the exalted rank of Cardinal at age 35, he is granted a full pass to gratify his erotic needs on the supplicant bodies of those over whom he exercises his iron dominion.  Like many climbers in the Church hierarchy, Giuseppe has stoically endured his share of spankings and fuckings, and has learned that he vastly prefers giving to receiving, exclusively with females. He discovers that nunneries under his domain are conduits for willing females to engage in erotic fun and games. The majority of nuns are there because their families can’t afford dowries to marry them off and have no calling to celibacy. He soon recruits a local Abbess into a mutually delightful weekly tryst. She reveals her salacious disciplinary program for the most desirable young nuns, who actively welcome punishment to relieve boredom, as long as it is a prelude to pleasuring them between their legs.

In the meantime, a particularly succulent young Contessa faces a terrifying future as her prestigious but impoverished family faces ruinous debts that make her bride price impossible. When Giuseppe learns of this, he swoops in with an offer to settle her parents’ debts and permit them to live on their country estate. In return, Angelina and her equally gorgeous handmaiden Andrea are to be initiated as novice nuns.  Both young women are smitten with the handsome Cardinal and are thrilled to become part of a cabal in which their Abbess provides erotic punishment and pleasure, making their naked bodies available for the Cardinal’s enjoyment. All manner of challenging chastisement is depicted as a necessary prelude to pleasure beyond their wildest dreams.

A scintillating read that includes maledom/femsub, femdom/femsub, lots of spanking, anal play, breast and pussy punishment.

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