The Catherine Saga



The Catherine Saga by Tina Gray
Catherine’s Dream
Freelance photographer, Catherine (Cat) meets the handsome Sam Worth in a local pub, as she consoles herself after being betrayed by her lover. The two hit it off immediately until a crisis occurs that puts their entire relationship in jeopardy, and Sam’s afraid that he’s lost her forever.
Catherine returns in Catherine’s Dilemma, just as she and her Dominant lover Sam have become engaged. Enter Caitlin, Sam’s ward since her father died and her mother ran off. He introduces her to Cat and their lover Maddie, in hopes that the two can take her under their wing. She confesses her love and Sam finds himself falling in love with her.
Catherine’s Destiny Sam and Caitlin are in love with each other as are Cat and Maddie. All four live happily together at Sam’s estate where they share the same big bed. As Alpha male, Sam has shown the girls the delights of bondage and dominance and introduced them to his playroom.
Catherine’s Triumph The 4th installment of the Catherine Saga begins with Sam now the Chairman of the Board of Global Investments, Ltd; while Catherine, Caitlin and Angie have been appointed to the Board of Directors. In order to make sure his family will be safe, Sam has installed new security and communications. Digging deeper, they learned that someone is attempting a hostile takeover! Millions of dollars have been stolen. Who’s behind the attack and what other damage have they done? Includes lots of steamy sex, male domination, romance, restraint, bondage, polyamory, submission, oral sex, anal sex, spanking, toys and lesbian sex.

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