The Confinement of Bailey Gardner


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The Confinement of Bailey Gardner by Alexander Kelly

Spirited away to the Yew Institute insane asylum, Bailey tries to persuade anyone who will listen that she’s not crazy.  Which is hard to do when you’re kept isolated in a padded room, constantly gagged and in a straitjacket.  It’s not that anyone believes her, they just don’t care because the Yew Institute is not really a hospital at all but a facility for the training and selling of slaves.  Still, Bailey doesn’t understand how she wound up here, unless she had somehow been targeted.  If that is so, then who?  But more important, why?

Francesca, Bailey’s daily care giver, and Livia, her trainer, are the only two people with whom she’s allowed to interact, and neither of them is talking.  Francesca is using the Yew Institute as a hide out from her own past, while Livia is determined to use Bailey’s growing reputation for submission as her ticket right to the top in the Yew Institute’s hierarchy.  Bailey’s quest for answers, coupled with her long secret desire of submission and a daring escape attempt will lead her down dark paths of self-confrontation and vengeance.

A tale of medical restraints, sensory deprivation, bondage, gags, ponygirls and psychological head games.  Fem-fem, Male-fem.

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