The Constant Concubines: A Trevor Gantt Erotic Mystery



The Constant Concubines: A Trevor Gantt Erotic Mystery by Gemma Stone
Wealthy retired lawyer Trevor Gantt just wants to enjoy his leisure in the New York suburbs with his four beautiful collared slaves. However, Middlefield, for a small town of rich families, seems to have an inordinately high murder rate. When Jock Up-the-grove is found dead in his car, Trevor is enlisted to investigate by the ravishing Maeve Kilgallen. As he looks into the circumstances of the deceased’s death, he discovers that the town is also a hotbed of infidelity and very public kinky sex. With the assistance of his slaves, Virginia, the local banker, Emma, and the barely legal Ashley, he begins narrowing and interviewing the suspects. He works in parallel with local police detective Stephanie Buckles, with whom he becomes more than just colleagues.
Is Up-the-grove’s murder a random act, or is it linked to Middlefield’s sex ring, revolving around his widow? Can he and his team solve the case before another person dies?
Maledom, female submission, Master/slave, bondage, spanking, whips, threesomes, orgies, public sex, play rape, barely legal, anal sex, LGBT and more.

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