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The Couriers


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The Couriers by Jurgen von Stuka
Jurgen von Stuka’s popular German Detective, Bibi Wolfe Lynx, gets called in by the EU banking consortium to help solve a baffling series of daylight robberies. Meanwhile, apparently unrelated, innocent women disappear from airports, train stations and the streets of major cities, eventually ending up in prison-like training institutions where they are taught to obey instantly and punished accordingly when they fail. The training is rough and includes enough treatments from the BDSM menu to bring obedience and submission from even the most stubborn candidates.
The cops have no leads. Bibi and her buddy, Jean Groff, acting as decoy couriers, get the shock of their lives when they think they’ve trapped a pair of thieves.
Deep in the forgotten tunnels of an abandoned Nazi underground nuclear research facility, Graf Salmon and his gang convince their lovely young charges that life will be more comfortable if they cooperate. A touch of the cat, suspension by their breasts and mummification, for the most uncooperative ones, soon bring compliance. Suspensions, flogging, enemas, impalement, girl/girl sessions, entombment, strict restraints and the usual whips and chains are the training tools used to bring the students into line.

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