The Dirt Road



The Dirt Road by Morgan Mirages
Julia works in an establishment of kinky swingers, where she begins her training as a maid, and is often spanked by David, the master of the house. He and wife Christine are Sir & Madam to Julia. After client Penny subjects her girlfriend, Charlotte, to a self-wetting suspension, Penny uses Julia as a trap-pony. But when Julie and Charlotte develop a friendship, Penny takes revenge, making love to Charlotte in front of the restrained Julia. After Penny pussy-whips the maid, she and Charlotte take off, leaving Julie strapped down, turned on and frustrated ” only to be found by a stable hand who relieves her frustration.
Later Penny and Charlotte head to London where they encounter their friend, John Tanaka, a master of Kinbaku and Karate. It’s John who will save Charlotte when she’s kidnapped, and Penny who falls in love with him. When the master and mistress of the kinky club take off, leaving the business to Penny, she and John turn it into a flourishing enterprise.
This wild romp through the world of kinky swinging is filled with twists and turns. You couldn’t make it up!
Wait a minute! Does that mean this is a true story?
Includes domination, spanking, lesbian, water sport, pony play, bondage, romance, group oral and straight sex, kidnapping and hostages.

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