The Dog Whisperer



The Dog Whisperer by Robert W. Connor

Can a handsome, divorced 38-year-old Ph.D. engineering professor accept his first female-led relationship? Can a beautiful, independent, never-married woman in her early 40s find happiness allowing herself to be as vulnerable as she is dominant? Carmen is a dog trainer who is also adept at adjusting the behavior of abusive men and conditioning them to please women. Drew’s wife divorced him for a wealthier man and he’s still broken-hearted. It’s the summer of Covid-19. Carmen and Drew meet by chance while walking their dogs and feel an instant attraction. She senses his unexplored submissive tendencies, has his health and history checked, then seduces him in her home gym, taking her pleasure several times before allowing his, which she promises will be the best he’s ever had. He’s exposed to BDSM practices he’d never dreamed of and is uncomfortable with when they become intensely kinky, painful, degrading, and semi-public. But Carmen keeps her promises, and as they earn each other’s trust their loving relationship deepens. Includes, Femdom, consensual, BDSM, orgasm control, cunnilingus, pegging, ffm, large breasts, long fingernails, high heels, big cock, spanking, caning, punishment, mixed wrestling, urethral sounding and acupuncture.

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