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The Donor by Chris Bellows

Young husband Mortimer Burgess consistently drinks himself into impotency while fertile wife Edie tries again and again to conceive a child. Having lost her mother, a troubled Edie finds a confidante in her husband’s boss, Martina Carruthers, a friend of her late mother. Hearing of Edie’s troubles, the boss lady has a plan for employee Mortimer. She suspects that certain attributes she’s noted while correcting his behavior and work product may be levered in improving Mortimer’s usefulness… especially for Edie’s prospects in having a child. The women conspire to have Mortimer placed on extended sick leave for a sabbatical to Indiening Island, where male donors are trained and conditioned to maximize semen output and women clients are assured of conception. Bondage, exhibitionism, objectification, body modification, tender yet humiliating intimate care all combine to ensure that the island donors produce a most valuable commodity in abundance… semen, and thus Edie is assured of conceiving a child. Sure to be another classic contribution in Female Dominated literature from the masterful Chris Bellows.

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