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The Dungeon by Dominic Ridler

Maledom BDSM. The pretty vivacious young Lady Eleanor is invited to the home of Lord Darlington, a wealthy nobleman with a shady past. While she’s both attracted and repelled by him, Darlington’s passion for her drives him to imprison her in an underground cell at his country house. He intends to keep her locked up until she freely gives herself to him. Weeks pass with Eleanor kept naked and chained, refusing to surrender her virginity. Hoping to discover a means to escape, she agrees to certain sexual acts with him that stop short of intercourse. In exchange she washed, given good food, and occasionally rides in the country with Lord Darlington. During one of these rides, she manages to escape and is sheltered by the wife of a woodsman, but she’s quickly recaptured by the angry Lord and severely whipped by his manservant. Eventually, the still virgin Eleanor agrees to marry the Lord and he takes her to his home in Paris where their sexual life begins. In time, she’s introduced to his circle of sexual adventurers and initiated into group sex and joys of being submissive. Includes masturbation, mutual masturbation, corporal punishment, anal sex, bondage, spanking, wife-sharing, lesbian sex.

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