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The Glass House by Lizbeth Dusseau

Damon’s an outdoorsman, with a popular Netflix series detailing his exploits. His wife Carrie is the journalist who writes about his many daring deeds. The Lodge is where they go to relax from their busy lives. When Carrie finally informs her husband that the Lodge is too big and too grand for her to do her work, she awakens one morning to find a dozen workmen on the property, constructing a small hideaway for her tucked into the woods. A glass house. Hers alone”with unexpected benefits.
It began with an orgy months before the glass house was erected, when Carrie, Damon and his four best friends were sharing pot, liquor and pizza before a cozy fire in the Lodge’s main room. When her lips met Jerry’s for an unexpected kiss and they began to fool around, the other men joined in until Damon’s new bride was fucked by all four ” while Damon watched with a sly smirk. In the next few years, the four friends arrive separately at Carrie’s glass house door, and she welcomes them in. The sex is hot. The fun gets kinky. Even a little savage as her lovers slake their lust and hers.
Seems like the perfect arrangement, until Carries discovers that the telescope Damon uses to spy on her exploits (with her knowledge) has a recording device attached. What the fuck is he doing with the recordings? Suddenly, all hell breaks loose! And lovely arrangement between husband and wife is headed for disaster!
Includes: D/s, group sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, pain, punishment, spanking, sex toys, oral and anal sex, analingus.

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