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The Intruder by Ashley Hind

While her husband is away on business, the raven-haired beauty Bethany remains at home, lost in the depraved fantasy world of her increasingly submissive sexual desires. One night while in the throes of masturbation, she looks up to see, stepping from the shadows, a masked intruder with a knife and an enormous erection. Mesmerized by the prowler, her lust explodes and she finds herself submitting to his powerful seduction. When finished, the intruder takes her jewels, telling her he’ll be back.
Once the intruder is finally gone, the frightened Bethany feels compelled to call the police. Sent to investigate is detective Claire Wheeler, a bisexual dominant who uses her position of power to indulge her own sexual perversions. On meeting Bethany, Claire is determined to have the young wife at all costs. Unknown to both women, the mysterious assailant is Marcus Vine, a powerful and devious dominant who owns a high tech surveillance business he uses to spy on the lonely wives of wealthy men. The needy Bethany is a perfect target for both the seduction and the thievery he has planned.
With Bethany enthralled by her assailant’s large cock, and Claire enthralled with Bethany, the two embark on a scheme to ferret out the mystifying intruder. Believing they know the man’s identity, they follow their target and watch as the suspect defiles another of his willing victims. Suddenly both women are so flushed with desire that Claire rushes Bethany home and takes command of the horny wife. But while Claire’s need for Bethany intensifies, so does Bethany’s fascination for the intruder and his amazing erection.
Who will gain control of the nubile young wife? Marcus and his unique brand of sexual depravity, or Claire and her authoritative domination? Or is it possible that Bethany’s husband will step in and fill her needs as he did when they first married. A suspenseful tale of love, lust and power, the story includes both the Male and Female domination of the submissive female, lots of sex, spanking, punishment, exhibitionism, voyeurism, water sports, strap-on sex, lesbian orgies and humiliation.

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She lay now with the sheets off and her body naked, the white linen a stark contrast to her long raven hair. She was determined to resist the urgent throb from between her legs and take her time in reaching her climax. Her skin felt sensitive to her touch and despite the warmth of the room, goose pimples sprung up on her flesh as she traced a line from her thighs, over her belly and up to her breasts. Her nipples were already hardened into little dark peaks as she pinched and stretched them cruelly.She could wait no longer, her hand slipping down and cupping her sex, feeling the heat emanate as her index finger moved up her slit, gently parting her labia and gathering the slick moistness from within before continuing upwards. Her clitoris was already awake and swollen within the confines of its protective hood. Bethany used two gentle fingers to tease the pulsing bud as she focused her mind and let her rude imagination take over.This particular fantasy always began the same: she had committed a minor indiscretion and her Mistress was set to punish her. One of the other girls from the harem was selected to prepare her. She was taken upstairs where she swapped her clothes for a tiny white g-string, her pouting puss barely covered by the fabric. She was put on her knees and bent over the bed, pushing her round buttocks out for the attentions of the other girl, who was holding a small metal tin and a thin paintbrush. Straining around, Bethany was just able to see the label on the tin, and wondered what ?liquid latex? could possibly be. The harem girl set to work studiously, taking her time to paint neatly onto Beth?s bare arse, giggling proudly as the first part was complete.By twisting uncomfortably, Bethany was able to watch herself in the cheval mirror in the corner of the room and could see the results of her companion?s handiwork: black letters that stood slightly proud and pulled at her skin as they dried hard. She struggled to read the words spelled out, seeing them only in reflection and having them often obscured as the girl set to work with the brush on the other buttock. When the work was done the artist stood back and Beth could finally read the words, panicking as they became legible, nervous of what was to follow. Her hair was then put up into a ponytail and she was led back down to her Mistress who stood waiting on the garden patio, her other two slave-girls at her feet.On the newly cut lawn, Beth could see a rectangle of white, some five foot long by three wide. Her Mistress didn?t even look at her as she took her by the wrist and led her up the garden to the white rectangle, which proved to be made of a shiny rubber. She was instructed to lay down on her front, her legs very slightly apart and her arms just in front of her, so she could lie on them and prop herself up from the groundsheet, which already felt uncomfortably warm against her bare skin. The slaves were summoned and set about securing her to the ground, hammering down metal shapes like miniature croquet hoops over her ankles and wrists. Beth?s uneasiness grew?already the sun felt hot on her exposed body and the sweat was starting to gather beneath her.The slaves came again, this time carrying another white rubber sheet. They stood at her feet and held the sheet up, showing a perfectly round whole cut into its centre. Beth was pondering the reason as the girls lay the sheet over her back, the rubber clinging to her perspiration as she was enveloped. Just as she feared suffocation, the head end of the sheet was raised, and two metal struts pushed into the soil to hold it up off her head. She lay encased in her rubber sandwich, completely covered except for her bottom, which was perfectly framed by the cut away circle and stuck out towards the sun. The gathered slaves giggled at her plight and mocked her bare bum and the black words upon them. She could hear their laughter fade as they retreated to the house, abandoning her to her fate.As the sweat started to drip and pool beneath her breasts and belly, Beth knew this was a test of endurance. She could with some pain escape from the shackles but this would be a terrible show of disobedience and she was desperate to prove her loyalty to her Mistress. To give yourself freely to a person, to obey every command they imposed upon you despite the personal cost was the most exhilarating and erotic action she could imagine. It left you utterly helpless and at the mercy of their cruel mind, yet was a supreme test of your own. The reaches their perverted imagination attained were merely a reflection of your own endurance, for without you they were nothing. You were the canvas on which to paint and their work was bounded only by your limits. While Beth was struggling to bear her punishment she knew that secretly her Mistress was also willing her to triumph too. It was this thought that made her pussy seep the juices that mixed with her sweat and drenched her panties.


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