The Isle of Seduction


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The Isle of Seduction by Kenneth Brown

An astonishingly sensual recount of the author’s vivid experiences as a tour guide in Saint Francis of the Caribbean Islands—with its everyday nudity, intoxicating tourist resorts, and an electrifying romance that upends the author’s safe life and throws him across the line between normal and “animal” passions. It’s life in the Caribbean Islands, where the local men make a national sport of giving female tourists, nicknamed snowbirds, what they want. Now that times have changed previously closeted bisexual and homosexual men and women are also provided a full-service sexual holiday experience. When European missionaries first arrived in Africa, they looked down upon the locals being topless or totally nude. Over time, the missionaries convinced them to cover their nakedness, as the biblical Adam and Eve were commanded to do, and to repent for their sins. Now, Africans and their descendants in the Caribbean seldom wear revealing clothing and are never totally nude in public. A strange twist of fate, that Europeans take every opportunity to wear as little clothing as possible and every chance to be naked.  Includes graphic sex, virgin sex, group sex, threesomes, nudity, cunnilingus, voyeurism, some violent scenes.

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