The Lock


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The Lock by Patrick Richards

Sean Malone is a horny college student with good looks, a buff body and a secret fantasy to be dominated by a beautiful woman. He spends hours entertaining himself with femdom porn and fantasizing about his dream Domme. One day, while checking his email, he finds one from a mystery woman, along with a picture of a masked, leather-clad Dominatrix and instructions to meet her at a local bar. From Annie, his new girlfriend? Or someone else? Regardless, an eager Sean is in the bar at the appointed time, though his mystery date remains a mystery. After a few games of pool and plenty to drink, he woozily leaves the bar, only to black out. When he revives, he finds himself naked and gagged with his wrists strung up high. Standing before him is the formidable mistress from the emailed picture, who’s ready to give him all the submissive thrills he craves. The night is one big blur, and the next morning he wakes to discover that his cock has been pieced through with an oversized locking padlock, for which he has no key. And he still has no clue to the identity of his magnificent mystery Domme.

Annie is particularly understanding of his predicament, which is a great relief to Sean. However, when he joins her and her friends for a Spring Break camping trip, Annie’s inner-Domme arises with surprising results. She turns him into their personal slave, and for the rest of the trip, he’s stripped, collared, gagged, feminized and available at their beck and call. Later, four college brutes show up, and the abusive treatment he receives from them is almost more than he can bear.

With Spring Break over, Sean’s real life resumes, but it will never be the same. Emails and scenes with his leather-clad mystery Domme continue; at the same time, his relationship with Annie heats up. Are they rivals or are they working together? While he waits to discover the answer, one of the thugs from the Spring Break trip has own chilling plans for this hapless submissive.

Strong S&M Femdom content including heavy bondage and whipping scenes, forced chastity and denial, humiliation, kidnapping, torture, forced M/m, feminization, bastinado, leather fetish-wear, public nakedness and submission, and a variety of sexual scenes.

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