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The Lookout by Colin Dereham

When he advertises the vacant bedroom in his apartment on a gay houseshare site, sexy teddy bear Angus ends up with more than he bargained for. Tall, dark and handsome otter Tom and blond muscle-bear Patrick couldn’t be more different in personality, but Angus is so taken with them that he asks both men to move in. After a boozy first night together culminates in a skinny dip in the complex’s swimming pool, Angus, Tom and Patrick fall into bed with each other. The explosive chemistry between them continues throughout a hot spring and summer. Days spent on the beach blend into nights of wild passion in Angus’s huge bed, which all three inevitably end up sharing.

Fun, upbeat Patrick and quiet, affectionate Tom are everything Angus could have wished for. His nurturing side kicks in, creating a happy home for all three.

With Patrick working over the Christmas period, Tom and Angus go to visit Angus’s family in the country. When they return, Patrick has changed. He’s distant and sullen; there’s no sign of the vibrant, happy man they’ve known for the past few months. At first, Angus thinks Patrick may be jealous of the close bond he’s developing with Tom. He and Tom pull out all the stops to make Patrick feel as loved as possible, but their efforts go unnoticed. Then a chance discovery in the kitchen bin leads Angus to think there may be darker reasons for the change in Patrick’s personality.

Tensions brew until late one night, when a disastrous phone call brings Angus’s world crashing down around him. Desperately trying to make sense of what happened, Angus must rely on the love and support of others around him to slowly pick up the pieces and rebuild their happy home.

The Lookout contains frequent hot and sweaty gay bear sex—including threesomes, anal, oral, rimming, double-penetration, a pinch of outdoor sex, a liberal serving of office sex and a huge helping of passionate romance.

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“Man, there’s nobody here!” Patrick laughs gleefully as he strips off. “Fuck it. Let’s skinny dip!” And with that, he yanks his boxer briefs to his ankles. When he straightens up, we’re treated to the sight of his sculpted, muscle-bear body. He’s not as hairy as I am, but his chest and stomach are dusted in all the right places with dark blond fur. My cock immediately swells in my underwear and I pause, my thumbs hooked into the waistband. I look down at Patrick’s crotch. His circumcised dick isn’t huge, but it’s damn handsome and it’s sticking right up in the air. Good. At least I’m not the only one with a boner. I pull my own undies down and my firm cock springs free.

I glance over at Tom, who’s openly checking us out with a huge grin. He’s in sexy little briefs and he lowers them, allowing a great, big uncut dick to tumble out, semi-hard with all the excitement. I look at the rest of his body. He’s hairy and thin, but kind of athletic, and I see metal glinting at each of his nipples. Piercings. Oh God, they would be so fun to play with. Tom grabs his penis and tugs down on it, readjusting now the fat sausage is free of its confinement. “Who’s gonna jump in first?” he asks.

I don’t want to. I want to stand here and ogle these beautiful men a whole lot longer. But Patrick is already dive-bombing into the water.

“Fuuuuuck it’s cold,” he calls out. “You guys still gotta get your asses in here, though!”

I glance sideways at Tom and smile before taking a running jump, plunging into the deep end with Patrick. “Jesus, you’re not fucking wrong!” I yelp, flailing about, trying to acclimatise.

Tom sits on the edge and calmly slips into the water. Patrick splashes the both of us, leading to a frenzied game. The more energy we expend chasing each other, the warmer we become, and the water somehow seems a lot more agreeable.

Patrick comes up and grabs me with one arm, herding Tom in with the other. “Let’s huddle for a minute, guys,” he says. “I could use a little reciprocal body warmth.”

It takes me a beat or two to process the surprise, before I slide my hand around Patrick’s waist and pull Tom in close to complete the circle. Tom’s hand grazes over my lower back before gently settling on my arse.

Oh, my fucking God.

Once again, it’s Patrick who makes the first move. My heart thunders in my chest as I watch him lean in to press his mouth against Tom’s. Tom seems tentative, but Patrick is hungry, egging him along until they are kissing deeply. My cock is rock-hard. I feel Tom’s hairy torso rub against the side of my knob and I let out a little moan. Tom responds immediately, turning his head and launching at me with warm, full lips. His tongue searches for mine. It’s moist and soft and methodical, moving all around, tasting underneath, exploring my entire mouth. He makes tiny grunts as he goes, gorgeous little sounds of pleasure that tug at my heart.

All of a sudden, a third face is pushing in. Patrick strains to reach our mouths and we twist and turn our heads, trying our best to unite all three of us at once. Three tongues fly at each other, wet lips nipping, heads craning back and forth, desperately trying to gain access. The choreography is complicated and the results are intermittent, but the synergy of our passion has us all whimpering.

Patrick is the first to pull away. “Guys, we have to fuck. Angus, please tell me there’s room for three horny men in that huge bed of yours.”

“You bet,” I pant, and look at Tom. “Please?”

“What do you reckon?” Tom grins. His hand slides round my buttock and squeezes. I lower my hand to his arse and do the same. But he’s a skinny guy; his toned, hairy buttocks are small and his crack is shallow. So my fingers move straight inside it as I squeeze, and they press right up against a tight, puckered hole. The fact I can get such easy access to this special place has me close to coming. Honestly, a few short strokes on my penis and there’d be a tsunami of semen clouding the water between us.

Tom’s and my little fondle has us momentarily forgetting about Patrick, and I glance over to see him climbing out the water. As he emerges, I get a good look at his arse for the first time. It’s glorious; with white, round, and very muscular cheeks. And there’s a thicket of hair inside his arse crack that spreads like wildfire out across his buttocks. I want to shove my face in there and never come up for air.

“You getting out guys, or am I gonna stand here with a hard dick all night?” Patrick gives his penis a little rub. What it may lack in size, it more than makes up for in perkiness, cheerfully pointing skyward as it flexes in excitement.

“Sorry Patrick, we were just perving on you,” Tom calls out.

Patrick laughs and rubs his penis again, then turns and pushes his arse outwards, pulling on one cheek to show us what’s inside. I make a break for the pool ladder and Tom follows. As I climb up, he grabs my hips and kisses my arse, giving it a gentle bite. I moan appreciatively, making sure he hears.

After putting on our undies and gathering our gear, we’re back at the apartment in record time. It’s a mad dash for my room, where we tumble onto the bed together, legs akimbo as we struggle to get naked again. I kneel back and look at Patrick, all solid and hunky, and Tom, all lithe and elegant. They’re both reclining against the bedhead, slowly stroking their penises.

“Fuck. You guys are both so damn hot.” I’m gobsmacked. I’m in awe and they can hear it.

“You’re pretty fucking sexy yourself,” purrs Tom. His smile is smouldering, and his erection is huge, a good couple of inches longer than mine. I marvel as his large, hairy hand works his foreskin back and forth, gliding it over a thick, dark red knob. I literally lick my chops.

“Yeah… I have a real thing for burly teddy bears,” Patrick says, reaching out and stroking the curve of my furry tummy.

“So do I,” Tom says to Patrick. “Especially handsome ginger ones. And he looks so young. Can you believe he’s owned this place for sixteen years?”

Patrick looks at me, surprised. “Wow. How old are you?”

“Thirty-nine.” I wince. I don’t like saying it out loud.

“I’m thirty-seven. Not far behind you,” says Patrick. His smile gleams as he idly fondles his balls. I see him slip a finger underneath, playing with his arse a little. It’s such a fucking turn on, I start to rub my knob. I’m so horny, though, I’m worried I’ll come.

“Well, I’m forty-two. So I beat you guys hands down.” Tom looks almost smug. It’s gorgeous. “Come here, ginger bear,” he growls in a deep voice, pulling at me.

I crawl right up to him and mash my lips onto his, reaching out and grabbing for Patrick to join. Patrick kisses Tom’s neck, making Tom moan right into my mouth. Patrick works his way up, kissing across Tom’s cheek, gradually shifting me out of the way and replacing my lips with his own against Tom’s mouth.

Looking for a new place to land, I converge on Patrick’s nipple. His pectorals are bulky and square, testament to countless hours in the gym. The nipple I’m pleasuring is one of two large, flat and delicious-looking teats. I move my lips over the nub, suckling on it, flicking it between my teeth and tongue. Patrick grunts and squirms, still busy with Tom’s lips. I increase my suction and speed up my tongue-flicking, then reach up to roll his other nipple gently between my fingers.

“Oh, my God!” Patrick disengages from Tom’s mouth with a lip-smacking sound. “You are so fuckin’ good at that!”

I chuckle, pleased with my performance.

Patrick pulls me up to face level. “Do yours work like mine?”

Do they ever. “Mine are so sensitive that just tickling them makes me come hard,” I tell him. “Even better, feed on them like a hungry baby.”

“Really?” This word comes from Tom, just as he draws my nipple in his mouth and goes to town on it. When his finger starts to tease the very tip of my other one, I nearly weep.

“You gotta stop or I’ll blow my load, Tom.”

I pull his face up to mine and kiss him gently. I look in his eyes and for a brief second, we share something truly special. You’re going to change my life, lovely man. I just know it.

I snap out of it by sliding my hands through the hair on his chest, encountering small barbells through both of his nipples. “So, I’m gathering these are pierced because you like them pulled and rolled and twisted?”

Tom lets out a chuckle that morphs into a groan as I start manipulating the jewellery, working his fleshy little teats around between my thumbs and forefingers. “God, yeah. I can hardly leave them alone. I’ve gotta watch myself sometimes—touching them in public, playing with them in my office—” He gasps as I suck one into my mouth. “Fuck, that’s nice. Jesus, Gus… aaaaah!”

In the meantime, Patrick has slithered around and is now lying between Tommy and me as we recline against the bedhead. I realise this as I feel his hand wrap around my penis and his warm mouth and busy tongue strafe my knob. My balls ride up and my anus clenches. Jesus, he’s talented. I let out a huge moan and Patrick glances up, grinning. He has my dick in one fist and Tom’s dick in the other, and he looks as happy as a pig in shit. “God, these cocks are both so damn thick. Which one do I want inside me first?”

Tom laughs. “I take it you’re a bottom, then.”

“I am indeed,” Patrick says. “But I can be persuaded to top when I find an exceptionally cute ass.” He punctuates these last three words by snaking his finger under my balls, poking it into my cleft and rubbing my anus. I moan involuntarily—because it feels so good, because I’m thrilled that he likes my arse.

“I’m a top,” declares Tom.

Oh. Well, maybe his sexy little butthole would be amenable to my tongue, at least.

I realise both guys are waiting for my answer. “I’m completely versatile. So, I guess we’re a perfect match.”

“Fuckin’ awesome!” Patrick laughs with glee and pats the side of my butt. “Turn over and let me taste this hot ass, man.”

I’m so elated that I’ve shuffled onto my stomach in an instant. I grasp Tom’s thick meat in my fist and pump his luscious foreskin up and down. Patrick settles behind me and I feel his hands pull my cheeks apart. His nose and lips brush up and down my spread-out arse crack. Hot breath is on my arsehole and I break out in goose bumps. I shudder as I feel a warm, wet tongue begin to lick—broadly circling my hole, running over it and tickling at the entrance. For such a bombastic, gung-ho man, he is remarkably sensual with his rimming.

My whines are muffled as I sink my lips over Tom’s erection. That first taste is all kinds of wonderful. Tom’s foreskin is just like mine—long with a decent amount of puckered overhang. So, I do exactly what feels good on my own dick: I pull his opulent hood right back and work my tongue and mouth firmly over his knob and stretched-out inner foreskin. Tom moans and whimpers, getting louder the more firmly I suck. Bingo. I’m so pleased, my finger strays under his big balls, zeroing in on that taut little anus I’d encountered in the pool. Fuck, it’s pretty. I can only imagine how good it would be to bury my face in there. He’s a top… how far can I go?

“Oh, yeah,” pants Tom. I start to slide my finger away, but I feel him grab my hand and guide it right back to his butthole. My excitement levels shoot sky-high. I look up to see him fondling his nipples, rolling his little piercings around, adding to his pleasure. It’s so overwhelmingly hot that I groan onto his cock.

Patrick’s delightful tongue vacates my anus and he scuttles up onto my back. “Right, guys. I wanna fuck now. Think you could fit Tom’s monster in this tight hole of yours, Angus?” He reaches down and pushes his finger into my sphincter as he asks the question.

I chuckle. “Could I ever.” My hole has been aching for that penis since the moment it flopped out of his sexy briefs.

“Awesome. He can put it in your ass, you can put yours in mine and we can make a nice little train, huh?”

I glance up at Tom, who’s grinning like the cat who got the cream. My heart is racing. Reaching over into the bedside table, I retrieve the condoms and lube. While Tom and I suit up, Patrick lubes and fingers his arse, lying on his side. It’s such a powerfully sexy sight, I’d be happy to just jerk off and watch. But that’s not gonna fly with Patrick right now. He reaches back and pulls my arm, wiggling his muscly butt. I get the message loud and clear.

Scooting down behind him, I slide straight into the warmest, most inviting rectum my cock has ever had the pleasure of visiting. We both gasp in unison. Patrick doesn’t seem to need any adjustment time, bucking his hips at me to start thrusting. I’ve barely begun when Tom’s slim, furry body moves against my back and his slippery fingers start pressing against my arsehole. I relax and accommodate them in no time. They pump, rotate and stretch inside my sphincter in the most divine way. I’m whimpering and squirming so much that my thrusts into Patrick become jagged.

Tom’s fingers slide back out and my arse protests, but it’s soon placated when the head of his penis prods at it. Time to concentrate. I counter Tom’s pressure as he tries to enter me, doing my best to relax. He’s so fucking big. My mindfulness seems to pay off, because as he pushes inside me in tiny increments, the only pain I feel is the ecstatic kind. I take him at break-neck speed and Tom is impressed.

“Jesus, you’re good at that, Gus,” he croons.

I laugh and turn my head, catching his lips for a quick kiss.

“Are you guys ready? My nuts are achin’ over here.” Patrick shoves his beefy butt against me, prompting me to start driving into him once more.

Tom grabs my hips, buried balls-deep in my arsehole, and holds on tight while I slam into Patrick. I’ve never been the meat in the sandwich. Hell, the only time I’ve ever been with more than one guy at once was for a couple of drunken suck-and-jerk sessions. But I have masturbated over this scenario in countless porn videos. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would feel like this. My arse is filled to the brim with the most magnificent cock I’ve ever seen, and my own dick is submerged in the steamy heat of a tight, pulsating rectum. Add to that I’m wedged between a hunky muscle bear and a lithe, hairy otter—I’m in fucking heaven.

I start ramming Patrick double-time. He’s whining constantly now, a sound that wobbles as I pound into him. His arm is jerking fast, rubbing away on his penis in front. “Fuck… I’m coming… aaaargh!” His body jolts and his anus tightens around my shaft as he drenches my bed.

Panting, he rolls off, leaving my cock feeling desolate once more. But Tom chooses this moment to start pile-driving into me. My hand can’t remove my condom fast enough, and I grasp hold of my cock and start to rub frantically. That massive dick of his has blasted my senses into overdrive. “Ohhhh fuck, Tom, you’re fucking amazing!”

Tom reaches around and tickles my nipple. Electric shocks shoot from my chest down to my cock and arse, a perfect triangle of intense stimulation. I’m gonna explode.

“Jesus! Fuck me… fuck me hard, Tom… I’m gonna shoot!” I whimper so hard I almost cry.

“Me first,” gasps Tom, slamming into me like a Mack truck, bellowing at the top of his lungs as he ejaculates. My voice joins his at the same time, the pain exquisite as my prostate goes wild, sending jets of semen spurting from my aching dick. A set of lips is nuzzling my knob, nipping and licking. I look down to see Patrick gulping my spunk, doing his best to catch the lot. He comes back up, smiling, and shares his bounty with me, kissing me, swirling his tongue around mine.

3 reviews for The Lookout – ebook

  1. C Oli

    The Lookout is the story of Angus, who experiences instant and profound chemistry with his two new flatmates. They quickly form a throuple and the fun intensifies over the next few months.

    This long novella starts off as a wild sexy romp, then morphs into a moving, poignant tale as things go wrong, leading to disastrous results.

    The chemistry between the characters was electric and they complemented each other beautifully. The breezy style of writing made it easy to slip into the book comfortably. It was wonderful to see how the main characters managed to pick up the pieces and find happiness again.

  2. KP

    Colin Dereham’s The Lookout is a great read. It is a tale of one becoming three, and is explored through meaningful eroticism, tinged with a poignancy that is so rare in this genre. It explores what happens when lives collide, and lust takes over, only to evolve into a meaningful love full of the complexity that comes from living in a throuple. The eroticism is meaningful and balanced. The opening chapter is epic, but real. What I like about this novella is it bridges the gap between eroticism and literature so well. The characters have depth, and it is impossible not to form an attachment with each of them, particularly the character of Gus, a loveable cuddly bear with a heart filled full of compassion and so much love to give. The story is contemporary and explores more than just intimacy and sex – it confronts issues of mental health, cultural diversity and the loneliness that comes when one feels that they simply don’t belong. This novella deserves to be read – not just as an erotic thrill, but as a heart rendering story of love and loss.

  3. Deb

    Colin Dereham owes us an apology. I never saw the tears coming, for this beautiful and bountiful love story. I was not prepared for my heart to grasp at the emotional narrative of Angus’ love. I am still feeling the after effects of the quality of Colin’s storytelling.

    There is a rawness to The Lookout. A visceral and human connection of body and heart., limbs and emotions a tumble. A physical yearning, attached to the formidable emotion we call love.

    The Lookout has a precarious balance between extremes. Love, in its most physical form, leads to love, in its most devastating one. This, in turn, leads us into true ethereal love.

    Make no mistake. This is not some poetic and fancy prose. This is three men, loving each other. Loving being a part of each others’ lives, until they are not. This is a tale of a crushingly beautiful love.

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