The Minister


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The Minister by Paul Preston

What happens when Reverend Peters, a shy, devout, hypersexual Presbyterian minister, haunted by the memory of a sexual encounter with a lost love, invites Elenora Swan, an attractive, sex-addicted, porno actress and uninhibited submissive on the run from her brutal Dom, into his church late one night during the time of the Coronavirus? Social distancing comes to an abrupt end when Elenora shows the Pastor her provocative sex videos and sparks fly as they try to mold each other into the lover/Master/submissive slave of their dreams. Reverend Peters sexual obsession with Ms. Swan reaches an intense and disorienting new level when Elenora introduces puppy and kitty play to him. During the three-month break from his Grand Rapids, Michigan parish, Reverend Peters must come to terms with his very real and numerous erotic fetishes. More importantly, he must decide whether he can let go of his shame and accept who he is in order to live as both a sexual and a spiritual man, or if one side of his nature will negate the other, bringing an untimely end not only to his ministry and sanity, but possibly, his life.

“The Minister” is a sexually charged and engrossing new story by erotica author Paul Preston. The story contains scenes of consensual bondage and erotic pet play. His full collection of 16 novels are available at

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