The New Maid’s


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Julia Merton ‘s a wealthy, beautiful, vain and very sexy redhead. She’s also a Lesbian Dominatrix supreme who’s become bored and wants some new excitement in her life whilst her husband is on a three-week business trip in New York. Julia ‘s determined to steal away the desirable, innocent, eighteen-year-old, new maid, Carrie, from her long-term friend Jane Danve, who has recently employed her.
Julia encounters Carrie working at a party given by Jane, and lures the young maid to her house where she initiates her into new ways of submission and sexual pleasure; a licentious world that the naive girl has never encountered before and Carrie’s natural submissive side is revealed.
Steven, Julia’s husband, is a bisexual who enjoys his wife’s dominance over him; in particular the way she dresses up and makes him her sex toy, allowing him to indulge in his fantasies and desires for young men. Steven likes to submit to Julia and beg her for what he needs. But with him often away on business, Julia fin’s plenty of chances to indulge in her desires with her women friends.
Entranced by Julia, Carrie goes to work for her and becomes her obedient servant in more ways than one; she likes being spanked and eating pussy. When Carrie’s long-time friend Mary arrives from Ireland, she goes to work for Jane. However, Mary ‘s hardly innocent. Openly bisexual, she too stars a new life of sexual pleasure with her new mistress.
Meanwhile, Julia sets a trap to entice Jane back into her life using Carrie’s friend Mary. Once her plan ‘s underway, she has an enjoyable three weeks while her husband ‘s away on business.

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