The Night Visitor and Other Stories – ebook



The Night Visitor and Other Stories By J. P. Kansas

From the author of Andrea and the Center and The House Guest comes a collection of over than 25 erotic stories, with themes ranging from vivid realism to fantasy to horror to science fiction to alternate reality.

In The Agreement, Jeff’s wife Karen agrees to fulfill his deepest wish and take another woman to bed with them—but only if he agrees to bring another man to bed with them, too—first. Both experiences turn out to be arousing, unsettling, and deeply fulfilling. Then in The Heterosexuals, Kansas imagines an alternative universe in which there are three sexes rather than two, and a man and a woman having sex is a daring, forbidden experience. In The Audition, Sam Rosenberg, the accountant for an adult entertainment establishment, finds himself in a disturbing but highly arousing situation as only man in the audience when a young woman tries out as erotic dancer—a woman that reminds him of his own daughter.

Then in First Looks: The Mindcap Deluxe Version 1 is a review of the ultimate erotic Virtual Reality experience as it might be written a few years from now. The Overground Railroad imagines a world inhabited only by the female sex—where men are kept as caged animals solely to provide fresh semen. And in The Circle, a young lawyer discovers that the entertainment in an erotic club he attends is provided by the people in the audience—including himself.

Some of these stories originally appeared in magazines including The Journal of Erotica, Libido, and Future Sex. Others appeared first in books including The Mammoth Book of Erotica. Other stories appear here for the first time. These stories are intelligent, imaginative, thought-provoking, scary, and sometimes even funny—and all of them are highly stimulating.


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