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The Obsession Series Book Package



The Obsession Series Book Package by Paul Preston

“I laid her, face down, upon my bed and put a pillow under her neck to make her comfortable. I carefully slid her stockings over her hips and down her legs, trying not to put a ruin in them with my large clumsy hands, and put them over the chair with her red dress and bra. I took out the expensive massage oil I had bought and warmed it between my hands. When I breathed it in it had an erotic fragrance. I started at her shoulders, kneading them with my fingers where I found the stiffness, brushing my thumbs slowly up and down the muscles of her neck, in the same way I did with my ex-wife. Remembering back, Bette often asked me for massages. At the time I thought she liked getting massages from me because I was good at it. I realized now why she asked me to give her a back rub so often, before we made love. In this position, she wouldn’t have to see my face as I entered her sex from behind”

Includes male domination, light consensual bondage, spanking, slavery, mystery, thriller, exhibitionism.

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