The One Pound Ponygirl


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The One Pound Ponygirl by Charles Graham

A lifelong enthusiast of anything horse-related, Gabrielle Aston is intrigued when her new lover offers her the chance to actually become a human pony for him. Thinking it will be a fun and delightfully sexy game to play, it is only after she has “sold” herself for a token pound and been harnessed, corseted, bitted and securely restrained, that Gabrielle learns that he is completely serious and means to transform her into a fully trained ponygirl. At his secluded country farm, strict discipline and training give her no option but to become what he wishes her to be and as her will-power and ability to resist ebbs away, she gradually succumbs to the eroticism of her plight and the thrilling power and control of her Master. As his loving ponygirl, she must serve him willingly and perfectly…but what if he is not the only one to whom she is required to display her hard-won skills and obedient submission?
Includes: Maledom, female submission, pony play, anal sex, anal plugs, whipping, bondage, exhibitionism and female bisexuality.

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Gabrielle Aston, a slim, blonde, very attractive bank clerk had been an enthusiast of horses and horse riding since as far back as she could remember and had been making her annual pilgrimage to the first night of the week-long International Horse Show.

Watching the magnificent horses in the Parade Ring, she fell into casual conversation with a tallish, brown haired man of about her own age. It had only been when she had made a throwaway remark about the difficulty of getting a really good view of the main arena that he had mentioned that he had a private box and invited her to view the remainder of the events from there.

She had been doubtful, wondering whether he had an ulterior motive for the offer, but he had seemed to be quite ordinary, even a bit diffident and Gabrielle had reckoned that she would be perfectly safe in such a public place.

Accepting his offer, she had then watched an evening of show-jumping and dressage in total luxury, restricting herself to only two glasses of champagne just in case he was not the gentleman he appeared to be, but he had behaved throughout with perfect courtesy.

Even to the extent of inviting her to join him every evening for the remainder of the week.

She had hesitated, but not for long and things had progressed rapidly from drinks, to dinner after the evening show and from a formal “Thank you” to goodnight kisses that quickly grew passionate.

Matthew Torrance was twenty-seven, she twenty-six, he four inches taller than her five foot seven, his sense of humor blending well with hers, his car a Porsche to her Ford, his penthouse apartment much larger…and much nearer…than hers.

Within the week, Gabrielle was in his giant bed and had found to her delight that he was a skilful and considerate lover whose enthusiasm for sex was a perfect match for her own.

It was hardly worth her returning each morning to her apartment…

On the last night of the Horse Show, they had been in his private box, drinking champagne and watching the final of the carriage-driving event when he made the casual remark that turned her whole world on its head.

A superb chestnut mare was negotiating the complex sequence of gates under the skilled control of a driver seated on the small lightweight carriage when Matthew had chuckled, “Would you like to try that, Gabrielle?”

“What? Carriage-driving?”

“Not quite, darling,” he chuckled a second time, “I was thinking more in terms of me doing the driving and you doing the pulling. I rather like the idea of you between the shafts instead of a horse.”

Gabrielle had been flabbergasted – the thought of such a thing had never entered her head – but the instant he said the words, she had had a sudden, vivid image of a girl…a girl very like herself…trotting around the giant arena below her, securely fastened to a carriage with a pair of reins leading back from a bit in her mouth to the hands of a driver seated behind her.

Her eyes widened in astonishment and before she had time to frame any kind of reply, Matthew had chuckled again, “You would look absolutely fantastic all harnessed up and trotting around in front of me.”

Jerking her eyes from the arena, Gabrielle had stared at her grinning lover, acutely conscious of a hot glow of excitement in her belly as he met her gaze calmly.

“You can’t be serious,” she said slowly, but as he held her eyes with his own, she realized that he was.

“Why not, Gabrielle? I think it might be a lot of fun. With the right woman, of course.”

She had felt her cheeks begin to flush and dropped her eyes in embarrassment, stammering, “And you think…you think that I might be the…the right woman?”

He reached out and pulled her into his arms, then his lips descended on hers in a long, sensual kiss.

“I’m quite sure you could be,” he had replied at last, holding her at arm’s length, “but that’s up to you, isn’t it? What do you think?”

Gabrielle hesitated for what seemed like an eternity, then, “Well…I suppose it could be fun, Matthew,” she had answered cautiously. “What exactly did you have in mind? I mean, what would I have to do? And what would I wear? I couldn’t very well pull you through the streets in a carriage, now could I? And anyway, I don’t even have any idea what those things weigh. I might not even be able to pull one. Especially with you riding in it.”

Matthew held up a hand to stem the flow of questions, “Hey, steady on, Gabrielle.” He grinned. “Let’s not get carried away here. You haven’t told me yet whether you’ll even agree to be my pony-girl.”

“Is that what I’d be? A pony-girl? I quite like that. It sounds, sort of, warm and cuddly, somehow. Like a teddy-bear.”

Matthew had laughed, “Well, maybe just a bit. So, what do you say then? Do I get myself a pony-girl, or not?”

Gabrielle had looked down to the arena where the chestnut mare was just completing the course, then looked back at her lover and given a nervous smile, “Let me get this absolutely straight, Matthew. You want me to let you put me in harness and make me pull you around in a carriage, just as if I was a real horse like that one down there?”

“More of a pony, really,” he had corrected her smilingly, “but yes, that’s the basic idea.”

Gabrielle had thought about it for a few seconds, wondering why she found the whole ridiculous idea so peculiarly thrilling, then grinned back at him. “I must be completely mad,” she told him, “but OK. If it’s what you really want, then I’ll try it. It sounds like it could be fun.”

He had nodded and chuckled, “Oh, I’m quite sure it will be, Gabrielle,” and her belly had given a delicious kick as she agreed to do what he wanted.

When he kissed her again and then took her back to his apartment for a long, energetic bout of incredible love-making, she had found herself continually aroused by the mere thought of being harnessed as a pony-girl with Matthew able to control her with a simple tug on the reins she would be wearing.


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