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The Party Boy by Chris Bellows

After Jack is caught peeping at the servants while they’re bathing and dressing, a governess, Miss Kelly, is hired as an answer to such inappropriate behavior. As a strong dominant female presence, and an understanding teacher, she’s knows exactly how to manage unruly boys. Her methods are singular but effective. And, most importantly, Jack will soon learn that his penis belongs to her, and she’ll soon control him in every possible way.
Follow the travails of Miss Kelly’s ward as she nurtures Jack’s masochism, feeding his penchant for exhibitionism and humiliation.
In another unique tale from popular Femdom author Chris Bellows, women rule with the male form there merely to amuse. Those who enjoy the more cerebral side of Female Domination will find this story entertaining. Includes: female domination, male submission, humiliation, exhibitionism, collar, chastity device, forced orgasms, denied orgasms, feminization, leash, milking, and degradation.

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