The Passions of Gwendolyn


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The Passions of Gwendolyn by Lizbeth Dusseau

A Fourteenth Century Romance. Abducted from the arms of her lover by a band of thieving rogues, Gwendolyn’s life is teeming with barbarian bandits, treacherous gentlemen, an insidious princess, high-spirited Gypsies, and a host of characters that try to mold Gwendolyn to their own designs. Often required to submit, making accommodations to save her body and soul, Gwendolyn maintains her dignity. And though her fate looks bleak, she hangs on to the dream of a virtuous lover who will give her the love, peace and sexual satisfaction she desires. A fast-paced tale filled with raucous sexual antics, including anal sexuality, female bisexuality, as well as bondage and punishment.

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