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The Phantom Philllipe: The Adam & Eve Series, Book Three by Paul Preston

Recovering from a self-inflicted wound, multimillionaire entrepreneur Phillipe Williamson feels insecure about the sexual connection with his lovely young submissive, Bella Lisa Mauricio and is unable to engage in intimacy with her without physical pain. After their intense and sensual week together, Phillipe and Bella Lisa both realize the nature of their relationship is changing. Afraid of the growing bond between them and confused about entering into a deeper emotional commitment to Phillipe due to their age difference, Bella Lisa meets Raoul Martinez, a young social worker, at her new job. Sexually drawn to one another, they act upon their mutual attraction and Raoul falls deeply in love with her. Bella Lisa admits to her affair and Williamson accepts it at first, willing to share Bella Lisa with the younger man rather than lose her completely. Bella Lisa becomes torn between the conventional sexual relationship and married life offered by Raoul and the forbidden pleasures in the West Wing only Mr. Williamson can provide.

After a terrible and traumatic accident burns his skin beyond repair, Phillipe must cover his face with a mask. Phillipe stops taking his anti-psychotic medication, closes himself away in his condo and considers suicide. A close friend and adult movie star, Carlotta, comforts Phillipe in his pain. After Phillipe rescues Christine, a prostitute who was abused as a child, Phillipe discovers that Joseph Buquet, the sadistic foster father who inflicted the physical and psychological scars on both Phillipe and Christine 32 years ago, is still alive. Phillipe hears the Voice of the Beast once more, summoning him to action. With the help of Carlotta, Williamson retreats into the subterranean bowels of his theater, The Adam and Eve Club, and plots his revenge against the man he holds personally responsible for the tragedy that shattered his life.

The complex and sexual story of Phillipe Williamson’s life, first introduced in The Awakening of Laura, an adult adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, and expanded on in Bella Lisa and Her Beast, an erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, is brought to a dramatic conclusion in The Phantom Phillipe, a sensual version of The Phantom of the Opera.
The Phantom Phillipe contains scenes of consensual sexual intimacy, bondage and male domination.

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