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The Property by Alexander Kelly

A Pink Flamingo best-seller…
“My name is Mr. Palmer. I work for Mr. Rose. If you choose to live at his estate, he makes one promise to you: You will be used simply as a piece of entertainment, at his bidding day or night. You’ll be shared with whomever he decides” Like a piece of property. My guess is you won’t settle for anything less… Do you accept?”
Leatherclad head to toe, caged, bound, and taken that night… Kirsten eagerly says yes to this stunning proposal. Her transformation comes swiftly… from part-time slave at an underground sex club, to the fulltime property of Mr. Rose, she’s now subject to her owner’s sexual commands, to his discipline and even to the ruthless Mr. Lange who delights in tormenting her at every turn. This is the life she’s chosen.
But when Kirsten finds out she isn’t the only slave Mr. Rose takes to bed, she has some hard choices to make, and for her attempts to rebel, she’ll have to face the the hooded, brown-eyed mystery man, and the rough consequences he imposes.
This S&M tale is full of heavy bondage and leather action, humiliation, slave training, pony play, oral and anal sexuality, Male/female and Fem/fem domination. Dungeon scenes, whippings posts, bamboo canes, quirts, single tails and a most inventive punishment chair.

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