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The Q-Tip Punishment: A Femdom Novel by Orlando

Arthur is a frustrated male sub, who’s wife Emma has no interest in playing his silly slave games. When he finally talks her into visiting a ranch that caters to dominant females and their slave husbands, he thinks he’s found the perfect solution to play out his fantasies. But life at ‘The Ranch’ is far from what he expects. As soon as they arrive, a stern warder, Hilda, zaps him with a cattle prod and locks his genitals in a chastity belt, pocketing the key. Emma soon learns that Arthur has been emailing the ranch director Jenett, pretending to be her. His tales of Emma’s wicked punishments have turned her into a Femdom hero, and she’ll need a crash course from Arthur to maintain the deception and her credibility as a Female Dom. Angered by his subterfuge, she cages him for the night and sleeps alone.

The next day, the couple tours the pony barn where males are stabled for life, the dungeon rooms, which contain every piece of torture equipment known to man, and the maid training facility called ‘Distinguished Domestics’ where unwilling males are forced into a life of service as domestics. A slave’s life at ‘The Ranch’ is a far cry from Arthur’s sexy fantasies. But while he’s ready to leave, Emma has warmed up the unusual lifestyle – in particular, making love to the good-looking ‘escort slave’ Greg while Arthur cringes in his locked cage.
Emma falls in love with her new ‘boyfriend’, while sending Arthur to be trained as a Distinguished Domestic, serving a number of formidable females. However, both must fend off the suspicious Hilda, who rightly suspects that Emma is a novice in the Femdom world. Arthur’s life will never be the same, but just who will finally own this hapless sub remains unclear until the story’s intriguing conclusion.

The graphic action in this novel includes whipping, bondage, piercing, CBT, torture, chastity, denial, female worship, ponyboy and slave training, oral service, strap-on anal, straight sex and, of course, the infamous Q-Tip punishment.

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