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The Red Door by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erotic D/s Romance. A bizarre journey awaits Lily Matisse beyond the red door. A simple flower seller at a street corner stand, she’s lured through this ancient gateway by a mysterious lover, Ravel. While in the midst of making love in his hideaway, she finds herself suddenly disappearing into worlds of sexual deviancy … where there are no taboos, where nothing remains sacred, where men subdue her and she must surrender. A primitive goddess in an orgy on the beach, a bawdy tavern wench serving a brutal master, a slut on trial for treason, and a princess doomed to be the pawn of an evil sorceress … are just some of the astonishing women she becomes on the other side of Ravel’s Red Door.

Lily’s unusual adventures include a feast of dominant/submissive sex play with bondage and discipline, harsh punishment, oral and anal sex, orgies, exhibitionism and female bisexuality, as each of her lovers demands and receives what they desire from this surrendering beauty.

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