The Rogue Sex Therapist


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The Rogue Sex Therapist by Imelda Stark
Evelyn Barnes is a tall, slender, green-eyed redhead who has been accustomed to turning heads with her charisma and good looks since earliest childhood. She is also possessed of a powerful bisexual libido and a lifelong fascination with both sex and the minds of those who engage in her favorite pastime. A self-proclaimed “alpha bitch’ since elementary school, what better career could she gravitate towards than that of sex therapist? Her wit and charm make her wildly successful in that field, and for a time she is able to keep her secret penchant for erotic domination to her private life in local BDSM clubs, carefully separate from her work. But her tendency towards boredom begins to erode her good intentions regarding this firewall, and she begins to fantasize about certain patients whom she suspects might need just what her domme persona has to offer. An attractive young couple seeks her help for their dead sex life, and one thing leads to another, until our heroine goes rogue and all ethical restrictions fly out the window. All manner of erotic complications emerge. Soon her sexy Kiwi intern, Evelyn’s handsome submissive husband, and a powerful older couple are recruited into the naughty fun and games. All of this works to the consummate pleasure (leavened by more than a bit of pain for some participants) of all concerned.
This work contains femdom, a little maledom, copious spanking by all imaginable implements, anal play, and ball and breast torture.

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