The Rutledge House Ladies


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The Rutledge House Ladies by Lizbeth Dusseau
Spanking Romance. The sassy Rutledge ladies give their husbands plenty of reasons to spank their naughty bottoms. While Peter Rutledge is about to divorce his absent wife, Victoria, the promiscuous Mrs. Rutledge is in Tahoe, turning spanking “tricks” with dominant men. When she suddenly shows up for a family celebration, the whole house is turned on end. Vicki’s arch-rival, sister-in-law Veronica, goes on the warpath only to face a stunning reprisal from husband, Robert. And the dutiful Angela is inspired to new depths of anal passion with her husband, James. In the Old World elegance of California’s wine country, Rutledge House is one of the last bastions of old-fashioned values, as the heirs to the Rutledge heritage delve into the many variations of the spanking fetish.

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