The Sanctuary


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The Sanctuary by Paul Preston

In need of sanctuary after a personal trauma, a pretty Catholic woman, Deborah D’Bennedeto, applies to be accepted as a nun at an historic California mission. A year later, a sexually tormented Priest, Father Joseph, passes a love note to her in the chapel, which gives instructions on a plan to escape from the Mission with him that night. Confused and upset, Dorothy shows the note to the Mother Superior. During an investigation a fictitious erotic manuscript written by Father Joseph is discovered. The Bishop of the Mission asks Dorothy to read the manuscript to determine its truth. The story, which includes scenes of bondage, oral and anal sex, and the loss of her virginity, arouses Dorothy’s suppressed desires. She is soon accepted as a nun and given the name Sister Gabrielle. However, late at night she makes a copy of the forbidden manuscript, reads it over and over and then hides it in her room.

Plagued by guilt in her role of getting Father Joseph sent away, Gabrielle wakes up the next morning with a high fever and is sent home for a week to recover. After Father Joseph is released from the asylum, Gabrielle secretly follows him to The Sanctuary, a topless downtown nightclub. She has a flirtatious encounter with the handsome owner, Kristoff, and witnesses a performance where Kristoff places a nude model in bondage and suspends her above the stage. Ashamed, Gabrielle leaves the club, however, later she returns to the Sanctuary, having exchanged her nun’s robes for a sexy dress and dyed blonde hair. She wants to be trained to work in his club as a topless waitress and rope model. Kristoff keeps her identity a secret and encourages her to explore her sexuality before committing to a life of celibacy. She easily becomes the most popular waitress and she has several sexual encounters. But as her week away from the Mission ends, Gabrielle must decide whether to confront the cause of her trauma or escape back into the cloistered walls of the abbey.

The Sanctuary contains consensual scenes of a highly erotic nature, including light bondage, oral and anal sex.

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