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The Sappho Trilogy Book Package by Jonathan Biernot

The ‘Sappho Series’ is an erotic trilogy with no tendency towards pornography. Its subliminal theme is an elliptic love-story articulating, in an empathically realistic way that segues from fact-to-fiction, the explicit journey of a young, married woman emerging from an extra-marital affair through the various stages of her self-discovery. Sappho is an exotic, North American, mother of Greek descent who has never known another man beyond her husband.

Book 1, ‘About Sappho’s Initiation’;

Sappho, a beautiful, young, housewife and mother, is initiated as a willing submissive and coached from one experience to another before she becomes addicted to cock. This is the story of how a chance encounter changes the life of a vanilla, North American woman of Greek descent who begins to initiate, then seek out, things that, at one time, would have appalled her. Never once does Sappho say ‘No!’ nor does she hesitate when a new destiny emerges as she morphs into a magnet for powerful men.’

Book 2, ‘About Sappho’s Interim Affair’;

‘When Sappho meets Jackson in a local supermarket it gives her the outlet she needs to square her emotions. Then Jackson, a Black Investment Banker, introduces her to his twin brother, Johnston, and Johnston introduces her to his friends. This story catalogues Sappho’s race to discern her inner-self through an addiction to cock that is swiftly transformed to an addiction to Black cock.’

Book 3, ‘About Sappho’s International Role’;

‘Sappho knew what she was getting into but never imagined how things would turn out when she becomes embroiled with a Middle Eastern Arms Dealer. Sappho’s unmet goal, and insatiable odyssey, are commissioned to facilitate transactions in Africa, Europe, on an Island in the Indian Ocean and in corporate venues near her home in North America. Although never out of her depth, or in a situation with which she is unable to cope, Sappho soon finds herself enmeshed in the ruthless world of exploitation where she learns how the wheels of international arms trading are lubricated.’

The works are published in the USA as stand-alone novellas by Pink Flamingo Media, where they are selling-well in both Paperback and e-book versions, and are now released, for the first time, as a Book-Package-Trilogy.

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