The Secret of Blackthorne


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The Secret of Blackthorne by Roger Hastings
“You won’t find it on any ordinance map, the National Trust will deny it exists,
yet crouched on a hill in south-west Scotland is a twin-towered manor house and estate
where the infection of shame and self-righteous censure has never festered.”
Thus begins the first book in the Blackthorne House series. Come to this half-mansion, half-prison, perched on a lonely crag surrounded by the moors of Scotland. Here secrets are concealed behind stone walls and iron bars, and escape is never possible. Join in with the forbidden revelries in the ancestral home of the Cailean family. From every­where in Europe and America beautiful young girls are abducted and brought here, to be imprisoned in the cellar chambers, where they are stripped naked and taught to obey. The family’s staff of powerful men and severe women train their defenseless victims with whips and cruel devices, these lovely subjects soon yield their bodies to the family’s relentless carnal appetites. Seen through the eyes of the newest Laird of Blackthorne, Sir Richard tells of his amazing introduction”and most erotic initiation into the world that he will rule. He soon delights in the lusty female slaves there to serve his every sexual desire. Though his enlightening education into his family heritage also reveals how once each year, the tables are turned on the Cailean family, as the spirited men and women of this remarkable clan must submit to a night of terror. Riding into the mysterious circle of stones hidden in the estate forest, they discover for themselves a secret world of feral lust and frenzy at the hands of the very slaves they have so carefully trained.
Erotica writer Roger Hastings is an eloquent story teller, with a wild and sometimes crude imagination. He offers in his first novel for Pink Flamingo a page-turning tale that includes an inventive plot and graphic sexuality with both Male/dom and Fem/dom scenes, all exquisitely drawn to lure the reader into the sensuous and provocative world of Blackthorne House.

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