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The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald – ebook


The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald by Marcus Andrews

Tony Andretti has had a good summer. He graduated in the top three of his class at MIT; he sold the rights to a series of web search algorithms he developed for over eight million dollars; and he spent the past few weeks in a torrid and intense S&M relationship where he became Master to his mother’s beautiful best friend, Rebecca.

But the summer’s over, and it’s now time for Tony to leave the US and take up his PhD studies in the UK. The problem is that Rebecca has reset his idea of what constitutes a great sexual relationship, and their sub/Dom game heated-up so quickly that Tony is now desperate to find a girl his own age that he can begin to train.

Finding such a girl isn’t easy, and for a while Rebecca is able to make occasional business trips to the UK so they can keep the excitement between them alive. But it’s Rebecca who finally tells Tony what he fears the most ” that there’s no future to their relationship, and he needs to focus on finding a new slave.

One evening Tony locks eyes with a girl in the university bar ” a beautiful, delicate slice of English beauty that he knows instantly to be The One. But he also knows that a girl as pure and gentle as Claire MacDonald has to be seduced sensually, tenderly, and above all slowly.

This story is told in alternating chapters one thread describing the summer in which Tony and Rebecca have their torrid S&M adventure in a cabin in upstate New York. The other thread tells the story of the Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald, and the surprising fantasies that Tony discovers in the mind of this beautiful young sub.

Includes: Bondage, roleplay, posture collars, whipping, nipple clamps, piercings, electroplay, lesbian scenes and so much more.

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I cooked burgers on the barbecue and later I offered to give Rebecca a proper massage, which she readily accepted on condition I limited my touching to her back and her ass…her naked breasts were strictly off limits.

“You know, Rebecca, I often think of that time you spanked me,” I told her as I stroked her soft skin.

“Do you, sweetie?” she chuckled, her voice muffled by the pillow. “Goodness, your hands are so strong! I love how they feel on me. I expected some clumsy groping, but you really know how to give a girl a massage…and you’re very obedient. Some boys get quite angry when I tease them the way I’ve done with you. But you’re…patient; you have a dignity about you, Anthony. It’s really nice. Perhaps I could give you just a light spanking tonight because you’ve been so good, and such a gentleman.”

“Hmm…well, that sounds good,” I told her softly. “You know…that time…well…I think I was more turned on than any kind of vanilla sex I’ve ever had.”

“Oh sweetie, you sound so experienced!” she said sarcastically. “It was a bit naughty of me to do that to you during a family party; but I just couldn’t resist you any longer…you’re such a sweet boy, Anthony. I’ve always loved your eyes – and I’m really glad you didn’t get fat like your cousin Todd! You have a lovely body.”

It struck me a slightly creepy that Rebecca might have been thinking of me as a sexual target since I was a kid. But at least she’d waited until I was “street legal”!

“Rebecca, I think there’s only one thing I’d change about what we did…or rather what you did.”

“Mmm,” she said, almost sleepily now. “What’s that, sweetie?”

I reached under the bed and pulled out the pair of handcuffs I’d brought with me and hidden there earlier. At first, Rebecca didn’t seem to realize what I was doing, and I managed to slip both of her wrists into the cuffs before she could react properly.

“Anthony! What the fuck’s going on?” She was trying to get up now – and struggling with her hands secured behind her.

I slipped my hands into her hair, pushed her head back to the pillow, and leaned down until my lips were next to her ear.

“How many young guys have you spanked, Rebecca?” I whispered. “Do you get off on seducing them? You’re such a beautiful woman…I can understand how you can take advantage the way you did with me; but now I think it’s time for you to be punished instead.”

Rebecca seemed to explode with indignation. “Anthony! What the fuck? What are you talking about? I would never, ever, do anything like that…not with…children! You…you were an adult! I never…you don’t understand…look this is silly…I’m not submissive! You don’t get it…I need to explain what I want…what we’re going to do together! I’ve got this all planned out for you!”

I lifted her from the bed and put her over my shoulder – she knew I was too strong for her and she didn’t resist.

During the day I’d spent some time looking around the cabin for useful ideas – and for places where a person could be secured. In the centre of the lounge there was a large wooden support pillar. I quickly unlocked Rebecca’s hands and relocked them behind the pillar. I’d brought several pairs of metal cuffs with me for the trip, and I used a second pair to secure her slender ankles together, and then the belt from my chinos went around the ankle chain, and held it tightly to the post. I pulled her arms back around the pillar and locked a third pair of cuffs just above her elbows. She has lovely slender arms, and is pretty flexible since she does a lot of yoga; but she still swore at me as the cuffs locked together.

“There!” I told her happily. “Now we can talk.”

“Sweetie, please…you need to listen to me!” Rebecca told me desperately. “I…I need… look there’s a thing in this kind of roleplay. We call it a safeword…so I’m going to…”

I slapped her across the cheek pretty firmly. She looked at me in total astonishment – her hair was now covering most of her face so I brushed it back to give me a clear second shot. She looked even more astonished after that second blow.

“You’re going to shut the fuck up,” I ordered quietly. “I know all about safewords, Rebecca. You never gave me a safeword; so now, I’m going to return the favour. Here’s the deal; I’m going to punish you for all the impressionable boys you’ve seduced like you did with me. You’re going to confess each and every one of them to me; and then we can think about the next steps in your…training. Let’s begin, shall we?”

“Anthony! Please let me go! This is crazy!”

Another slap to the other cheek. Fuck – her hair was really cramping my style. I’d have to remember to tie it back next time, but I didn’t want to break the flow now.

“No!” she was crying now. “I said no! You really have to listen to me! You have to!”

“Actually, I don’t,” I said softly. “Let’s begin, shall we?”


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